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Pohjola Claim Notification API

Streamline your company's accident reporting and build a real-time connection to your insurance company with accident reporting interfaces. The service is designed for large and mid-size corporate customers with occupational and leisure-time accident insurance at Pohjola Insurance. 

  • Efficient and quick accident reporting
    You can report damages to your company’s employees more easily and quickly through the systems your company has in place.
  • Secure notification of damage
    The accident you report using the Claim Notification API solution is transmitted to the insurance company's claims handling in real time using a secure interface. You do not have to take care of authorisation management for the op.fi service separately, for example.
  • You get access to the Claim Notification API free of charge
    Your company's employees can view claims in the op.fi service. The solution can be integrated into numerous occupational safety systems used by different companies. Ask your own service provider to contact us through the OP Developer.

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface.  APIs allow different programmes to make requests and exchange information with each other. Our API solutions transfer your company’s data between various systems in a predefined format. The advantage of an API environment is that it enables various tools and apps built at different times to exchange data.

The Pohjola Claim Notification API is an interface implemented with modern REST interfaces. It is easy to integrate with, for example, the personnel management system, occupational safety system or other key operating system used by your company.  Programming interfaces have long been common in the IT industry and make it easy to develop and maintain services.

How do you get an API solution for your business?

In most cases, the deployment is done by the service provider of the systems used by your company. Check with the service provider if they have already implemented the Pohjola Claim Notification API. If not, give the following instructions to the service provider:

  1. Register as a user of the https://op-developer.fi/ portal.
  2. Add the Pohjola Claim Notification API to an application in a test environment (Sandbox).
    You will receive test IDs for system compatibility and interface testing in a test environment.
  3. Make an agreement on the use of the API solution and a request for implementation via the OP Developer website. Provide the technical contact person information.
  4. In response, you will receive the Terms of Service.
    When you accept and return the Terms of Service, we will provide a valid API key.

Detailed instructions for implementation can be found on the OP Developer website. 

If the service provider of the system used by your company has already implemented the API solution, you can agree on the implementation of the API solution with the service provider directly without separate notification to Pohjola Insurance.

We are gradually expanding and developing our API solution

At present, the Claim Notification via the API solution can be used to report occupational and leisure-time accidents. We will later offer claims management through the API solution for Pohjola Insurance’s other insurance products.

We are continuously developing the service and releasing updates based on feedback. Upgrading the API solution gives you access to the latest features.