Export factoring

By using OP's export trade services you can ensure that your export receivables are quickly at your company's disposal.

OP wishes to promote Finnish companies' exports. Long payment terms may become an obstacle to export trade: foreign buyers may require flexible terms of payment even though the Finnish company would rather receive the money in cash or as an advance payment.

OP’s comprehensive export trade services help you to accelerate the turnover of your export receivables, free up working capital for other business and keep your liquidity good. In addition, the interest rate and currency risks become smaller. Your company also gains major competitive edge when you can offer the buyer a longer payment period, and export factoring also provides a hedge against credit risks both home and abroad.

Export factoring is a versatile service package which will help your company's working capital financing and enables you to follow and manage the buyers' financial position.  In export factoring your company transfers your foreign and/or domestic invoicing to OP, and these invoices serve as collateral.

Your company can open a credit facility with OP for financing its invoicing in Finland and/or abroad. This is a revolving credit facility which can be increased when your sales grow.