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Our services for import

Would you like to be an attractive business partner abroad, be granted payment time and free up working capital for a useful purpose? OP provides versatile solutions for your needs in import trade – wherever you are doing business.

Growth from abroad

Purchases from abroad are routine business for an increasing number of Finnish companies. The more exotic the country, the more the operating practices for imports may differ from Finland, and imports also involve diverse risks which one should take into account. We offer you versatile services for your import trade wherever you are doing business. We can also help you to find the most suitable payment methods for each country and situation.

Safe and profitable imports

Import trade specifically involves a risk of the counterparty's capacity to deliver. Your company can hedge effectively against this risk by using an import documentary credit, which ensures that the goods are delivered on time in compliance with your own terms. When you choose an import documentary credit or import documentary collection as the payment method, your company can also avoid advance payments, receive payment time and prove its payment capacity to the seller.

Foreign guarantees

Business partners abroad will often also want to be certain that the customer can fulfil its contractual obligations, such as payment of the transaction price. A guarantee is a convenient method for providing the required security on behalf of your company. From us you can get the guarantees you need to facilitate your trading.

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When you are trading regularly in imports with a familiar and reliable business partner, you can often use direct payments, depending on the country and circumstances. To secure the advance payment, if any, you can ask your business partner for an advance payment guarantee. You can make the payments directly from your company's account with OP or from a local foreign account, which you can open through your own OP member cooperative bank.

Further information about international cash management and account opening abroad:

OP can provide you with a wide range solutions for the risk management and financing of export trade.