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Would you like to secure your receivables in foreign trade and repatriate them as quickly as possible? OP can provide you with a wide range of solutions for the risk management and financing of export trade – wherever you are doing business.

Growth from abroad

An increasing number of Finnish companies are looking for new opportunities and markets abroad. The more exotic the country, the more its operating practices may differ from Finland, and there are also diverse risks which one should take into account. You can and should protect yourself against these risks in advance. OP provides versatile solutions for your export trade wherever you are doing business. We can also help you to find the most suitable payment methods for each country and situation.

Money safely and quickly into your company's account

With export trade you should not only consider the risks relating to the counterparty's payment capacity but also the possible financial and political risks associated with the country of destination. Your company can protect itself against such risks by using export documentary payments, such as export documentary credits and documentary collection. By choosing the right payment method you can ensure in advance that you will receive payment and the money will be quickly available in your company's account. At the same time you can offer the buyer a longer payment period, which gives you valuable competitive edge.

Documentary credits are especially useful when you do not know the business partner or the business partner's country involves risks. In some countries documentary credits are the obligatory payment method in foreign trade. But if your business partner is familiar and safe, your payment method can be a documentary collection or a direct payment abroad, especially when the business partner operates in a stable and developed economy.

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When your contract of sale specifies that the payment method is documentary credit, you are also eligible for financing after delivery. This means that your company receives the money right away but your business partner is allowed a longer payment period. It is also possible to use export factoring, which frees up your company's working capital and makes it possible to monitor and manage your customers' financial position.

Your local OP member cooperative bank can also provide you with the guarantees in security for foreign trade. Foreign buyers often want to ensure that the Finnish company can meet its contractual obligations. A guarantee is a convenient method for providing the required collateral on behalf of your company.

We provide comprehensive solutions for your company's international payment transactions and cash management. Euro and currency accounts form the basis of cash management in Finland and abroad. When your company makes international payments regularly, a flexible alternative is to open an account in the country in question.

Our factoring solutions will boost your company's credit control and enable hedging against buyer risk by using credit insurance in Finland as well as abroad.

Internationalisation provides Finnish businesses with growth potential but they should also prepare for risks associated with international trade, for example, by taking out insurance.

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Would you like to be an attractive business partner abroad, be granted a longer payment period and free up working capital for a useful purpose? OP offers a wide range of solutions for your company's import trade.