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Using and managing OP Corporate Gold card

OP Corporate Gold's versatile features and services make for easy using and facilitate managing cards and tracking transactions.

On this page, you can find all information you need about using OP Corporate Gold and about tracking services.

Convenient features for cardholders

  • Contactless payment facility enables you to pay for small purchases of a maximum of 25 euros quickly without keying in your PIN.
  • You can set a PIN of your choice for the card.
  • You get a one-time SMS password.

Track your card transactions online with ease

On OP Corporate Gold transactions overview online service, registered cardholders can track their own card transactions. As cardholder, you can view the real-time balance on line with ease, irrespective of whether a bill has been sent. You get a clear overview of your purchases and can track your expenses wherever and whenever you like.

On the service, cardholders can, for example,

  • view unbilled purchases and bills and search for transactions.
  • send messages to customer service.
  • change their own data.

We also provide your company with a paid Corporate Gold card management online service as an additional service. Card management enables your company to get an overall picture of bills, payments, card transactions and to apply for new cards online.

By means of the online service, card managers

  • track and manage bills, payments and transactions conveniently.
  • receive complete information on cardholders and the card status.
  • can apply for new corporate cards.
Pay securely online Mastercard SecureCode

Mastercard SecureCode is a full authentication service that improves the security of online payments. When a purchase is made, the service verifies both parties to the transaction: the customer and the merchant. When you pay for your purchase, you authenticate yourself using either your personal online bank user identifiers or a one-time SMS password sent by the card issuer.

This is how the service works

  1. First make your purchases and then go to checkout.
  2. Choose Mastercard as payment method.
  3. Enter your card's number, expiry date and verification code (on the back of the card).
  4. Click on "Pay".
  5. If the merchant uses the Mastercard SecureCode service, you will automatically go to the service where you can select whether you want to authenticate yourself using your personal online bank user identifiers or a one-time SMS password which will be sent to the mobile phone number indicated in the card application.
  6. Accept the purchases using your online bank user identifiers or an SMS password sent to your mobile phone.
  7. You will receive confirmation of the payment completed successfully.
  8. You will return to the merchant's website and you will receive a confirmation of your order.
Billing Bulk invoicing

Bills for OP Corporate Gold will be sent to your company as a bulk invoice, either as a paper bill or online bill. Billing will always be performed on the first business day of each month.

Bulk invoicing

  • Purchases made by all of your company's cardholders are shown in a single bill.
  • Summary page of all the company's cards.
  • Each cardholder's transactions are itemised in their own pages.
  • The bill's minimum payment is 20% of the total amount due, but at least 500 euros.