Aineistosiirto mittaristo

File transfer

Sending and retrieving payment data smoothly

File transfer is designed for companies of all sizes and private entrepreneurs for managing payment transfers in case the company’s financial management system does not support the use of the corporate Web Services.

File transfer enables the user authorised by your company to send and retrieve payment data for financial management software use. Available in Finnish, Swedish and English, the file transfer service is possible on the online service for corporate customers.


Contact your own bank to include file transfer in your service range. After that, the online services administrator of your company can add persons authorised to use File Transfer

  • Electronic list of transactions (TL, XML)
  • Electronic bank statement (KTO, XML)
  • Arrived e-invoices (XR)
  • E-invoice attachment (AR)
  • Error replies of e-invoices (XI)
  • E-invoice reception notification (RI)
  • Factoring data
    • Giro inpayments (FL)
    • Purchased invoices (FN) 
  • Payment data (XML)
  • E-invoice (XS)
  • E-Invoice attachment (AS)
  • Sending notification (SI)
  • E-Invoice erroneous note (XJ)
  • E-Invoice receiver proposal (RP)
  • Factoring data
    • Factoring/invoice transfer file (FE)
    • Transfer of the Sales ledger transactions (FS)
The service is offered by OP-Services Ltd