Faster international payments

OP transfers international payments to payees faster than before.

International payments rapidly and efficiently from payer to payee

OP is speeding up the transfer of international payments. Incoming and outgoing international payments will be transferred from payer to payee during the same day between the banks participating in the service. This doesn’t require any action by our customers – OP will automatically send all international payments complying with a set criteria faster, at the price of the payment instruction.


More efficient working capital management

Incoming funds will be available faster than before. With international purchases, the customer may make payments up to one week later than before and still respect the payment terms. Pay data, too, will be transferred faster to the payee in global companies. This makes cash and liquidity management more efficient.


Streamlined processes

The change enables improving processes further. For example, an order could be delivered faster, because the corresponding international payment will be visible in the seller’s account transactions already the same day.

Fast international payments are available to you automatically

  1. Check that the payee's account number is in IBAN format and that the bill includes the BIC of the payee’s bank. 
  2. You can make payments normally in the service or via bank connection software.
  3. OP transmits incoming and outgoing payments to the payee rapidly, even in just a few minutes. 
  4. Foreign exchange transactions are handled automatically in connection with payments. If your business involves regular international payments that are essential for your business, you can also trade in foreign currencies yourself by using OP’s versatile foreign exchange trading services
  5. You can track payments in real time if needed.

Towards easier international payments

OP will gradually start transferring international payments to payees faster than before. Customer experience will improve thanks to transparency that enables a closer to real-time tracking of the payment, if needed. The improvement is based on SWIFT gpi or the Global Payment Innovation initiative of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT). SWIFT gpi significantly improves the speed and traceability of international payments in foreign currency compared to instant payments and zero value date payments.

Almost 1,000 leading transaction banks from Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Americas have already adopted the service and more than 3,000 banks are expected to join later. OP is the first bank to provide this opportunity to businesses operating in Finland. The currencies presently available in the service include SEK, EUR, NOK, GBP and USD. We will increase the number of currencies available, if needed.

Incoming payments

Incoming payments will be faster, too. If the payer's bank supports SWIFT gpi, the incoming payment will be transferred to the payee’s account during the same day.

Adopting this service doesn’t require any action by companies. If your company needs rapid payments in some other currencies, please contact OP Customer Service.