International payments

We have revamped our international payment services. The new tools available to you are based on latest technology and will allow your company’s payments to be managed more securely, efficiently and smartly. Besides using our world-class digital services, you can always contact our specialists to get personal service that suits your company’s needs, wherever in the world your company is operating.

More secure international trading

Now you can track the journey of your international payment from you to the payee in real time, wherever you’re sending money.

Payments are now moving faster than ever before: 9 out of 10 international payments (cross-border payments) sent through OP are transferred to the payee on the same day, sometimes in just a few minutes. In the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), we transfer euro payments mainly as SEPA instant credit transfers, which reach the payee’s bank account in seconds.

Your company can choose to make international payments using

  • OP Corporate Hub
  • OP's mobile apps
  • online service
  • your company’s bank connection software.

Pay via OP or a foreign account?

Thanks to faster international payments and the SEPA instant credit transfer available in 36 countries, a company can succeed in international trading without foreign bank accounts in destination countries. Today, payments move very quickly from OP to the other side of the world and your company can receive payments efficiently on an OP account. A company’s cash management is faster and more efficient if you don’t need to manage many accounts in many countries.

Currency Account with OP

If your company uses non-euro currencies in trading, consider opening a Currency Account with OP. It will enable you to pay and bill directly in other currencies and to manage your currency risk. When the scale of your international trading increases, OP offers digital forex trading and hedging tools that are suitable for SMEs as well as for bigger corporations and institutions.

Account in a foreign bank

If you pay salaries to employees locally in other countries or bill consumers, in particular, you may need to open an account in a foreign bank. This way, local consumers can pay their bills to your company as domestic payments. By making salary payments from the country, it will be easier to comply with local practices and manage the promptness of payments.

OP Corporate Hub

In the OP Corporate Hub digital service, you can add your company’s accounts with Nordic and European banks in the same view. You can manage all accounts and your company’s cash in real time. You can also make a global search for account transactions in your company’s foreign accounts and transfer funds from foreign accounts back to Finland to an OP account.

International sanctions

Sanctions are based on national legislation of the country imposing sanctions or international legislation. Read more about international sanctions and how do sanctions affect companies' banking.

As the aggressive war has lasted for over two years and due to the existing sanctions arrangements and restrictions in force, OP Financial Group has considered it necessary to examine more closely the processing of payments to/from Russia and Belarus.

From now on, OP will only allow payments for weighty reasons to/from these countries. These mean securing functions and services critical to society or the exit process from the Russian market underway.

Contact your OP cooperative bank for further details.

We help you overcome the challenges of going global

We will help you find the best solutions for your company's international cash management – just contact your OP cooperative bank.