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Liquidity management and investment

Cash flow management forms the basis of liquidity management and investment. Our industry-specific expertise enables us to provide your company with solutions that best support your business.

Companies of all sizes need basic banking services

Liquidity management is a basic need that concerns all companies irrespective of size and line of business. For a company, smoothly running daily banking services, ensuring liquidity and  anticipating the future at the core of everything.

We help your company identify needs for payment transactions in which case payment transfers become easier and more efficient while incoming and outgoing payments are sure to transfer. With our services, you will ensure that all your company's functions can be executed reliably and surely at international level too.

Growing volumes necessitate diversified solutions

When the size and volume of your company grow, it is also important to have tools that meet the changed needs. OP can change the size of its services for even larger companies and always tailors solutions to meet your company's needs. Solutions and tools built according to your company's industry, size and status will bring competitive edge to your company and manage your financial risk.

Furthermore, we have a versatile range of tools to support centralised and decentralised practices in the liquidity management of groups of companies of different sizes. Your company's practices lay down conditions for the tools and services which we are able to meet.

Anticipating cash flows makes for better liquidity management

When cash flows are cyclical, managing surpluses and deficits presents a challenge that requires versatile solutions. When extra cash flows into your company, it is advisable to seek a return on it through solutions that we together deems proper. Our experts will help your company to invest such funds profitably and create an investment package appropriate to your company's size and needs.

To cover a deficit, your company should have appropriate liquidity buffers in terms of amount and form. If you feel that your company has not secured adequate liquidity, we have a wide range of diverse solutions for managing working capital and covering a deficit of companies of all sizes.


Please contact our experts and we will together ensure that your company's needs for cash flow management and investment are supported by the best possible solutions.