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Mobile key is now the primary identification method

Mobile key is the primary identification method on our services, and we recommend that you start using it. It is also the default option for logging in and confirming transactions on our services. If you want to continue using the key code list, select it as your identification method. 

With Mobile key, you can easily handle your personal transactions without a key code list – anywhere, anytime. You can use it to log in and confirm payments and transactions on OP-mobile, OP Business mobile and the op.fi service, and also to identify yourself when accessing other services, such as MyTax and Kela, and paying for online purchases.

To start using Mobile key, download the OP-mobile or OP Business mobile app to your smartphone or tablet. You can download it free of charge from your app store. Set a personal Mobile key PIN code when you log into OP-mobile for the first time. After this, you can carry out transactions on our and other services that require identification with the Mobile key that is on your phone or tablet.

Read how Mobile key works and start using it