Clarifications to OP Bonus Rules

We've clarified the OP Bonus Rules, however, these clarifications will not change our current practices.

As an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you get OP bonuses from your use of personal banking and insurance services.

We've clarified in the OP Bonus Rules that products and services related to business activities do not accrue OP bonuses if they are in a company's name, that is, used under a business ID. This clarification will not change our current practice, and it applies to all our personal and corporate customers.

OP bonuses are earned from personal bank loans, savings accounts, mutual fund investments and payment of non-life insurance bills, for example. We use the OP bonuses accumulated in an OP bonus account for personal service charges and fees.

In addition, we deleted from the OP Bonus Rules any references to communication channels that are no longer used.

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