We will pay assets from the OP-Russia mutual fund

We will make the first payments to the unitholders of OP-Russia fund on week 38. It will considerably decrease the fund’s value.

We closed down OP-Russia fund on 17 June 2022. The fund’s trading, subscriptions and redemptions had been suspended since 28 February.  

We will convert the assets of OP-Russia fund into money in several instalments. In addition to the stocks of Russian companies, the fund has other assets that have now been converted into cash.  

Unitholders will receive the first payments from the realised assets on week 38. A message of this matter has also been sent to them on the op.fi service and OP-mobile.  

The value will fall after the payment 

Russian stocks owned by the fund have been defined as worthless in the portfolio because their value cannot reliably be defined. The value of the entire fund will fall considerably after the first instalment.  

Realising the rest of the fund assets may take a long time because Russian stocks cannot be traded at the moment. We will sell the Russian stocks as soon as it is possible in the interests of unitholders.

When the fund’s assets have been realised and paid to unitholders, we will make a final settlement of account for the closure and publish it on the Rahastot (Funds) page. You can also find information on the progress of the process in the same place.