Business segments

OP Financial Group’s business consists of the following three main business segments: Retail Banking (Banking for private and SME customers), Corporate Banking (Banking for corporate and institutional customers), and Insurance (Insurance customers).

We provide our customers with the most extensive and diversified range of banking, investment and insurance services and the best loyalty benefits in the country. We are a local player with services available through a diverse range of digital channels and an extensive network of branches nationwide.

The Retail Banking segment consists of banking for private and SME customers at OP cooperative banks and at the central cooperative consolidated. We aim to provide the best customer experience both locally and digitally, and to be a reliable and flexible financial partner for our customers in any situation. We support our customers in managing their finances and help them to make sustainable choices throughout their lives.

The Corporate Banking segment consists of banking and investment management services for corporate and institutional customers. Through long-term cooperation, we support our customers’ business success, growth and internationalisation. We are forerunners in sustainable finance and investment in Finland. As a partner for companies, we seek to foster a sustainable economy.

The Insurance segment comprises Pohjola Insurance and OP Life Assurance Company. We aim to ensure that our customers have a versatile and comprehensive insurance cover. We work as a risk management partner, helping our customers to manage and anticipate risks. We remind and help our customers to prepare for their own and their families’ future.

OP is Finland's leading provider of home and corporate loans. We serve our customers both in digital channels and through our extensive branch network. Seeking financial prosperity for our owner-customers, we promote their personal financial management and success.

Services for personal customers include daily banking, loans, savings and investments, housing-related services, and a broad range of owner-customer benefits. We provide personal customer service through digital channels, by phone and from our comprehensive branch network across Finland. Our customers can engage in daily banking and make payments via various channels, regardless of time and place. OP-mobile is the main channel for our customers’ daily transactions: we had over 1.4 million active OP-mobile users by the end of 2022. 

We want to help our customers realise their housing and everyday dreams as easily as possible, on a sound financial basis. We provide our customers with a wide range of services related to buying, selling or renting a home. OP Koti combines real estate agency and real estate management services into a single package at

Our range of services also includes versatile saving and investment services and extensive owner-customer benefits. Our goal is to increase our customers’ wealth and financial literacy. We give investment advice at our branches. In addition, we offer a personalised, award-winning Private Banking service.

We provide SME customers with all of the corporate and entrepreneur banking services, financing, payment transaction and cash management services, investment services, online and mobile services, and expert services related to business development. As a partner for companies, we want to promote the success and growth of local business. When we know our customers well and are in close interaction with them, we can customise solutions for each of them.

OP Corporate Bank is Finland’s leading bank for corporates and institutions. Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are our home market.

OP Corporate Bank’s services include financing, interest rate and currency hedging, payment services, management of cash flows and working capital, and asset management. Our great strength is our wide-reaching local service network in Finland. We also offer an extensive partner network and broad range of services meeting the international needs of corporate customers.

We provide comprehensive debt and equity financing solutions from our balance sheet and from the capital markets. Our capital market services enable all customer groups to hedge against market risks and trade in financial markets. Our working capital solutions streamline purchasing and sales, helping our customers to succeed in their liquidity and asset and liability management. We create options for the financing of consumers and companies in Finland and abroad, and provide solutions for online purchasing and payment. 

Our account and limit solutions promote effective management of cash flows. We provide corporate and institutional customers with asset management services ranging from discretionary portfolio management to advisory asset management. Our service range includes modern risk reporting and portfolio analysis, and solutions for companies’ liquidity management.

OP Financial Group recognises its role as the largest provider of corporate financing in Finland and takes this responsibility seriously. We want to support our customers’ transition to a climate-friendly economy by developing diverse products for responsible investment and green finance.

Pohjola Insurance is Finland’s leading non-life insurer and provides a wide range of non-life insurance services for personal, corporate and institutional customers. OP Life Assurance Company provides life insurance services and services for saving through insurance as well as pension solutions for businesses. 

Pohjola Insurance wants to be a risk management partner for customers: we assess their potential risks, help them to prevent losses, and ensure a smooth and efficient claims settlement process.

Our key insurance lines for personal customers include motor vehicle, home and other property policies, as well as personal insurance, such as accident and health policies, for home life and travel.

We provide corporate customers with extensive and diversified risk management services that help them to ensure undisrupted and secure business operations if problems occur. We safeguard business continuity, support employees’ work ability and help to create a safe working environment. The key insurable assets of corporations include entrepreneurs, their human resources, fixed and current assets, shipments, vehicles and the business itself. Additionally, we offer corporations cyber-insurance against data damage, and liability insurance.

Our Pohjola Claim Help service provides a quick way of managing loss situations. The service provides customers with information in cases of loss or damage, the contact details of our partners, and advice on what each insurance covers. It is available on OP's mobile app.

OP Life Assurance Company provides a full range of term life insurance, savings and investment products and services. It also offers a wide range of supplementary pension and investment solutions for employee remuneration and companies’ investment needs.