OP Financial Group in brief

OP Financial Group, owned by its customers, is Finland’s largest financial services group. Our mission is to promote the sustainable prosperity, security and wellbeing of our owner-customers and operating region.

OP Financial Group is made up of 102 OP cooperative banks (31 December 2023) and the central cooperative which they own, including its subsidiaries and affiliated entities. Over 2.1 million owner-customers own the OP cooperative banks and thereby the entire OP Financial Group with a staff of approximately 13,000. The Group’s vision is to be the leading and most appealing financial services group in Finland for our customers, employees and partners. 

OP Financial Group's business consists of the following three business segments: Retail Banking (Banking for private and SME customers), Corporate Banking (Banking for corporate and institutional customers), and Insurance (Insurance customers). We provide our customers with the most extensive and diversified range of banking, investment and insurance services and the best loyalty benefits in the country. We are a local player with services available through a diverse range of digital channels and an extensive network of branches nationwide. Together with our owner-customers, we have been building Finnish society and a sustainable future for 120 years now.

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OP cooperative bank’s owner-customer membership