Rakennuksen kulmien kohtaaminen.


Our mission and core values guide our operations and choices and give a meaning to our work. Our vision shows us the direction. To achieve our vision, we are continuously monitoring our business environment and focusing on our strategic priorities.

OP Financial Group’s mission is to promote the sustainable prosperity, security and wellbeing of its owner-customers and operating region. Our mission has stood the test of time – for several decades, it has remained practically unchanged and provided a direction for our work.

Our core values – people first, responsibility, and succeeding together – guide our daily work. 

Our vision defines our direction going forward: to be the leading and most appealing financial services group in Finland.  

OP Financial Group’s strategy process 

A successful strategy process is based on assumptions on the direction in which the world is changing. In this era of rapid changes, the assumptions underlying our strategy and the actions based on them cannot be nailed down for several years. This is why OP Financial Group has adopted a strategy process in which we are continuously reshaping, reformulating and implementing the strategy. We are systematically assessing our business environment and operating model. The continuous strategy process helps meeting our owner-customers’ changing needs and expectations. 

In the 2020s, we will face a variety of factors in our operating environment that will create pressure for change. Megatrends, such as migration, urbanisation and ageing of the population will continue to affect our customer segments. Our customers continue to move to digital channels at a brisk pace. Increasing regulation affects banks’ business environment.  

Strategic priorities 

OP Financial Group’s strategic priorities for the next few years are as follows: 

  • Value for customers
  • Profitable growth
  • Efficient, high-quality operations
  • Responsible business
  • Highly skilled, motivated and satisfied personnel.

Continuous monitoring of the business environment and the strategic priorities will help achieve our shared vision.