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Our mission, core values, vision and strategic priorities form a cohesive whole. Our mission and core values guide our operations and choices, and give meaning to our work. Our vision provides us with a general direction. To achieve our vision, we continuously monitor our business environment and focus on our strategic priorities.

OP Financial Group’s mission is to promote the sustainable prosperity, security and wellbeing of its owner-customers and operating region. This mission has remained almost unchanged since our early years, providing a foundation and meaning for our work. Our core values – people first, responsibility, and succeeding together – guide our daily work.

OP Financial Group’s strategy process

We regularly and systematically assess our business environment and operating model, so that we can make and implement new strategic choices whenever needed. A successful strategy process is based on sufficient alternative assumptions about the direction the world might take.

As part of OP Financial Group’s strategy work, we draw up various scenarios for developments in our business environment. We monitor the realisation of these scenarios and identify trends for which the Group needs to prepare. This enables us to ensure that we prosper, no matter how the business environment evolves.

Our continuous strategy process helps us to meet our owner-customers’ changing needs and expectations, and react flexibly to the changes and uncertainties in our business environment.

Our vision gives us a direction

Our vision describes the long-term direction we have chosen: our goal is to be the leading and most appealing financial services group in Finland.

Whatever changes occur in the world, realising our vision will require solid finances and a strong market position. We aim to be the number one choice for our customers and partners. We want to be an attractive employer for which people want to work. We are a responsible player, innovator and forerunner in the financial sector.

Strategic priorities for the next few years

We review our strategic choices and their implementation at regular intervals, changing our direction if necessary. Updated in autumn 2021, our strategy sets five strategic priorities for the next few years: value for customers; profitable growth; efficient, high-quality operations; responsible business and highly skilled, motivated and satisfied personnel. A strong culture of risk management and compliance forms the basis of everything we do.