OP Agile

OP Financial Group is undergoing a significant change in terms of mindset and operating culture. The aim of our transformation is to improve employee experience, customer experience and productivity. In transforming, we are responding to changes in our operating environment, customer behaviour and regulation.

Our new agile practices are based on teams which generate customer value. The teams' operations are supported in many ways. Competence, powers, responsibilities and people come together in teams, every day. In a self-managed organisation, responsibilities are clear and the number of decision-making levels is reduced. Management means, above all, providing guidelines and enabling the success of teams. This way, we will be able to react faster to customers' expectations.

While the change in our practices is only beginning, it is definitely one of OP Financial Group's largest reorganisation programmes. We believe that agile practices increase job meaningfulness and job satisfaction, which, in turn, improves customer experience and workplace efficiency.

The first stage of adopting the new practices started in January 2019 in OP Financial Group’s central cooperative, in private customers' banking and development. During 2019, we will plan the next phase or how the rest of the organisation will move into using agile practices. While the journey of change will be long, our vision is clear: we aim to be Finland's leading and most attractive financial services group.