Accounts and saving money into an account

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Find a suitable account for short- and long-term saving and managing daily finances. In general, it pays to transfer savings and larger amounts from a Current Account to savings accounts. This is how your money earns higher interest.

Savings accounts

Would you like to make your savings grow easily? The floating rate Growth Return Account and the fixed-term High-yield Account are suitable for different saving needs.

For long-term saving

Growth Return Account

Save money into the account at your own pace. The more you save, the higher the interest you can earn. When the need arises, you can use savings in the account 4 times a year, free of charge.

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Predetermined yield

Fixed-term High-Yield Account

Select a deposit period for your savings between one month and one year. Thanks to the fixed interest rate, you know exactly how much your savings bring yield during the deposit period.

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Bank accounts for daily use

Open a Current Account for your personal and the whole family's management of daily finances. Meanwhile, it pays to save a cash buffer and money for larger purchases into Money Box, such as an electric bicycle or holiday trip.

Basic account for smoother everyday life

Current Account

Pay for purchases, bills and, say, make loan repayments easily from the Current Account. Also transfer money conveniently to other accounts.

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For easy microsaving

Money Box

Save easily for everyday dreams, unexpected expenses and into a mutual fund, for example. Just choose the amount transferred to Money Box every time you pay with a card.

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A child's first account

Current Account for a child

Save a nest egg, direct gift money to the account or learn together with a child how to manage finances.

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Current Account for the family's joint expenses

Joint Bank Account

Account for household groceries, renovation – Joint Bank Account is suitable for managing shared household expenses.

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See our tips on managing personal finances

Accounts for housing

Are you dreaming of buying your first home? Or are you perhaps about to rent a home? Learn more about the accounts below.

Saving for the first home

ASP Account

An easy and rewarding way to save for your first home, alone or with your partner. Start by saving as little as 50 euros a month.

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For renting a home

Rent Deposit Account

A convenient and safe solution for storing a rent deposit, both for the lessee and the lessor.

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Account for associations and groups

Do you manage finances together with others? Open an account to manage the account funds of a registered association or a more informal group.

To an association notified to the Register of Associations

Account of the registered association

Manage regular banking affairs for the association. You can also add account access rights to other members of the association.

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To a group not notified to the Register of Associations

Account of an unregistered entity

Manage the account funds of a school class, hobby group or another informal group.

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You can see all accounts you have opened when you log into the service or OP-mobile. You can choose from among your accounts the account whose details you want to view or edit.

If you didn't find the account on this page that you have opened earlier, you can find details of the accounts no longer sold in your own accounts.


Accounts are provided by OP cooperative banks.