Incoming cash transfers

Many companies and institutions need to return excess payments to customers. When the payee's account number is unknown, the money can be returned by money order, i.e. by cash transfer.

​You will receive by post a notification sent by OP Cooperative of an incoming cash transfer.

You can redeem the cash transfer in a number of ways

If you have OP's credentials, you can redeem the cash transfer online. You will also need the cash transfers identifier given in the notice of arrival.

You can redeem the amount stated in the transfer from any OP cooperative bank branch by the last redemption date. If you want to cash in a money transfer, you can do so at an OP cooperative bank branch with teller services during the teller services opening hours. Bring with you the notification and a valid ID document issued by the relevant authority (passport or ID card).

Only the payee or an authorised representative may redeem the transfer

The funds may be redeemed only by the payee or a person authorised by the payee. You can authorise another person to redeem the cash transfer on your behalf. Fill in and sign the power of attorney enclosed in the notification. The authorised representative must prove their identity with a valid ID document issued by the relevant authority. The authorised representative does not have to be a customer of OP.

A person redeeming a cash transfer on behalf of an institution, the estate of a deceased person or a minor must clarify to the bank their right to represent the payee.

The bank will return an unredeemed cash transfer to its payer after the last redemption date. In the case of any unredeemed cash transfer, please contact the payer.