Samsung Pay OP

Samsung Pay

Pay with a Samsung phone or smartwatch.

With Samsung Pay, you pay easily in stores, online and in apps

Removes the need for a physical card, as your payment cards are carried with you in the phone and smartwatch.

Pay for even larger purchases quickly without entering your PIN

With Samsung Pay, you can always use contactless payment without a PIN, even for purchases over 50 euros.

Your card's information is safe

Your payment information is protected in each purchase.

How to activate Samsung Pay for your phone and smartwatch

Activation on a phone:

  1. Download the Samsung Wallet app from your phone's app store.
  2. Open the app and select "Add card".
  3. Enter your OP card's information in the app and accept the terms of use.
  4. Confirm the card in OP-mobile using your Mobile key or by calling OP Customer Service and identifying yourself.

On a smartwatch:

  1. Download the Galaxy Wearable app from your phone's app store. In the app, select your smartwatch.
  2. Navigate to the Samsung Pay section in the Galaxy Wearable app and follow the instructions.
  3. Enter your Samsung account's details and select "Add card". After this, choose a PIN code.
  4. Confirm the card in OP-mobile using your Mobile key or by calling OP Customer Service and identifying yourself.

How to use Samsung Pay

You can pay with Samsung Pay around the world in all stores that accept contactless payments with Visa or Mastercard cards. You can also use Samsung Pay in online stores and mobile apps that accept it as a payment method.

Paying with your phone:

  1. Open the Samsung Wallet app. 
  2. Identify yourself in the app with your method of choice, such as your fingerprint or PIN code.
  3. Hold your phone near the payment reader until you see confirmation that the payment was successful in the reader and your phone.

Paying with a smartwatch:

  1. To open the Samsung Pay app, hold down the Back button on your watch and enter your smartwatch's PIN or screen lock pattern.
  2. Hold the watch near the payment reader until you see confirmation of the payment in the reader. Your watch will also notify you once the payment is successful.

Paying online and in apps:

  1. Select Samsung Pay as the payment method.
  2. Confirm the payment with your method of choice, such as your fingerprint or PIN.  

Add the debit and credit features of a combination card in Samsung Wallet

If you have a combination card, you can add both the debit and credit features in Samsung Wallet. Depending on the situation, you can choose whether to pay with debit or credit.

You can add one or several OP cards to your Samsung Wallet. All OP cards are compatible with Samsung Pay.

Your card benefits apply when you pay with Samsung Pay

For example, as an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you also get Product Protection Insurance for your purchases if you pay with an OP card that has a credit facility when paying with Samsung Pay. What's more, the credit card company cover for credit purchases under the Consumer Protection Act applies if problems occur with purchases paid for by credit.

If you wish to use K Group's Plussa benefits, before paying, show the payment reader your Plussa mobile card app on your phone, your OP payment card with the Plussa feature, the Plussa barcode found in the K-Ruoka app or a separate Plussa card.

Read more about the Plussa mobile card app

Samsung Pay also works with OP Business Debit

Adding an OP Business Debit card to the app is possible with a personal customer's OP User ID. Adding the card is impossible with a OP Corporate User ID. If your card has been granted only for making deposits and not for payments, you cannot use mobile wallets with the card.

  • A compatible device. An up-to-date list of devices can be found on Samsung's website.

    Go to Samsung's site
  • A valid OP card.
  • An OP User ID and Digital Agreement.
  • You must also be at least 16 years of age.

You must be at least 16 years of age to activate the service.

If you are aged between 16 and 17 and have been granted an OP User ID and Digital Agreement after 10 December 2020, you can add your card in the mobile payment app and select OP-mobile as the confirmation method. Otherwise, adding a card for an underage customer can be confirmed by calling OP Customer Service at 0100 0500. This requires one of the guardians to identify themselves using their OP user ID.

Samsung Pay is a secure service. Your card details are not stored in the app or your device and are not forwarded to the merchant when you pay. Samsung Pay uses a device-specific number and a transaction-specific code to perform the transaction.

Only you can use Samsung Pay to pay with your card, as you confirm the payments with your chosen identification method. Because you do not need to enter your PIN code when paying, no one can access the code. You can always be assured that you have your card with you on your device.  

Samsung Pay allows secure and easy contactless payment. You don't need to touch the buttons of a card reader or handle cash when shopping. You enjoy the same card benefits and protection as when paying with your physical card. Your purchases will be charged from your card in the same way as when you pay with a card. Your transactions will show in the app immediately after you have paid.

If your phone or smartwatch is lost, unauthorised persons won't be able to see your card details or pay using your device. If you lose your card and deactivate it, you can get a new card that is available to you immediately on your phone or smartwatch if necessary.

Call OP Deactivation Service at 0100 0555 (24/7) immediately to deactivate the card details added to Samsung Pay. Note that your physical card does not have to be deactivated in this situation, and you can continue to use it.
Call OP Deactivation Service immediately at 0100 0555 (24/7) to deactivate your lost card. You can order a new card during the call. It will show in your Samsung Pay immediately, and you don't need to wait for a new physical card.

You can remove cards added to your Samsung smartphone in the Samsung Wallet app. You can remove cards added to your Samsung smartwatch in the Galaxy Wearable app or directly in the watch.

You can also remove the card by calling OP Customer Service at 0100 0500. The card cannot be removed via self-service in OP-mobile. 

Samsung Pay is provided by Samsung. Cards are issued by OP Retail Customers plc.