Save for your godchild or grandchild as a gift

Saving for your godchild or grandchild or giving a money gift are excellent options to give a conventional present. Read more about gifting and about our options for saving as a gift.

"We grandparents are saving for our four grandchildren. Every month, we put aside a small sum for each of them for the future." Irene, Hyvinkää

Giving money, mutual fund units or equities as gifts

The easiest way to give money as a gift to children is to transfer it to their account. Accounts can be opened for children only by their guardians. Over time, even small amounts will add up to a nice amount that can be of great help and joy, particularly at the outset of independent living. Giving investments as gifts through the child's account is also possible when you agree with the parents that they invest the money in mutual funds or equities.

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