Best price for a forest estate

Have you inherited a forest but don’t feel that forest ownership is for you? Or have you noticed that your heirs are not interested in owning a forest? Forest estate brokers at OP Koti will handle your forest’s sale with professionalism.

Forest estates are in good demand in Finland, and forest is often easy to sell.  Particularly in Southern Finland, forest estates fetch a good price compared to their forestry value, meaning that you can make good deals selling forest. The price of a forest estate is affected by the volume of trees in the estate and its location. The larger the tree volume in the estate, the higher its value.

The prices of forest estates vary between different regions. The highest prices per hectare are in Southern Finland, and the hectare price drops the father north the estate is located. You can use OP Forest’s instant analysis for a rough estimate of your forest estate’s value. The analysis tells you basic information about the forest and estimates of the amount of tree stand and value. You can compare two different data sources, forest asset data by the Finnish Forest Centre and tree stand data from the national forest inventory by Natural Resources Institute Finland. From the instant analysis, you can also leave a contact request for OP Koti’s professional forest estate brokers.

Forest estate brokering professionals at your service

OP Koti is a professional in forest estate brokerage. Our agents are top professionals in brokering and experts in issues related to forestry through experience and training.

If you intend to sell a forest estate, contact the agent closest to the municipality in which your forest is located. You can find the contact details of our agents on the OP Koti website. You can also contact us via your OP cooperative bank. The presentation materials of properties for sale are published on OP Koti's website.

In addition to brokering services, both the seller and the buyer have access to all the legal services required for a forest estate transaction, as well as financing.

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