Forest appraisal for your property in under two weekdays

OP is the only financial service provider offering a forest appraisal service for forest owners.

OP Forest Appraisal is the fastest and most affordable way to receive a written appraisal of a forest estate’s economic value. It is suitable in situations, such as generational transfers of ownership and for appraising collateral value. The appraisal also shows a chart of the forest’s yield value.

OP Forest Appraisal always costs the same affordable price regardless of your estate’s size or location, and you receive the appraisal in under two weekdays. The cost is 124 euros for the first appraisal and 31 euros for each additional appraisal included in the same order. To order, you need only the real estate unit identifier. 

OP Forest Appraisal is suitable in the following situations, for example:

  • For appraising collateral value for a loan
  • For assessing inheritance and gift tax value in generational transfers of ownership
  • For planning generational transfers
  • For estate inventories

The appraisal is generated automatically and is based on forest asset data managed by the Finnish Forestry Centre, data from forest use declarations and the latest satellite and aerial footage. Our specialist processes and reviews the appraisal before sending it to the customer. The appraisal is based on a calculation of sum value, which is the most commonly used method for appraising forest asset value.

The appraisal can be ordered for any forest estate and can be made easily by anyone. Our bank employees can also order an appraisal on the customer’s behalf.