Clear you browser cache

Clearing browser cache improves your online security and can be a solution to many technical problems.

Your browser will save pages you have accessed in its cache so that it can display them more quickly when you return to a page. You should clear your browser’s cache whenever you are done with using OP’s services. Many technical problems related to the use of our services can also be fixed by clearing your browser’s cache.

Clearing cache is also advisable for security reasons, as the pages you access at may be stored in the cache. This can allow another person using the computer or device to view your information by accessing the pages using the browser’s back button.

How to clear browser cache

The method to clear cache and history varies depending on your web browser. Check the name and version of your browser:

  • The name of the application appears in the browser's title bar.
  • In the browser's Help menu, select About. If you are using an Apple computer, click on the browser’s name in the title bar and select About.
  • The window that opens shows your browser version.

For detailed instructions on how to clear your browser’s cache, type in your browser name and version and the phrase “clear cache” without quotation marks in a search engine (such as Google).

You must always clear your browser cache after you have completed your banking and insurance transactions.