Secure transactions with OP

For OP Financial Group, protecting customers’ data and banking transactions is a priority.

As a bank, we take secure online interaction very seriously. That’s why we continuously develop security features for our services. You will notice some of these features when using our services, whereas others run in the background. 

We would encourage you to find out more about OP’s security features and their importance to using our services via our various channels.  You can also make your banking more secure through your own decisions. 

In addition to providing security features, we work hard to know our customers. By requesting information and clarifications, a bank can understand the basis on which its customers normally operate, enabling it to spot and investigate uncharacteristic activity.

When you become our customer, we will ask you for various personal and customer data, and regularly update your details during the customer relationship. Banks must have sufficient information on the nature and scope of their customers’ activities, their financial status, and their grounds for using banking services. Such information must be kept up to date throughout the customer relationship and stored appropriately.

Please note that we will never ask about your OP's user ID, card details or passwords by email or over the phone. Never disclose your user IDs to anyone, not even family members.