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Financing for new businesses

Learn more about the most common sources of financing for new businesses.

Starting a business may require external financing

Have you already started a business or do you still have a business idea lying in a drawer waiting to be tapped? Do you know where to get corporate financing for starting a business?

Now is the right time for good business ideas and new companies. Becoming an entrepreneur is a bold decision, and we at OP wish to support your journey as an entrepreneur.

A key condition for starting a business is financing that achieves results. As a starting entrepreneur, you should visit your bank as early as possible to discuss your business idea and needs for loan and other financing.

Equity and external financing for starting a new business

As a rule, a new company initially finances its operations with equity and external capital, and later with cash flow.

Financing a new business with equity does not incur loan repayment or interest expenses, which reduces the overall expenses of your company, especially in the beginning. Equity starts to yield returns as an investment when your company succeeds and begins to generate profit.

External financiers, such as banks, pay attention to the equity that the entrepreneur and shareholders have invested in the company. When sufficient own funds have been invested in the company, it is easier to convince potential financiers about your commitment to the business, which means more potential sources of financing.

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Startup grant from the TE Office

A new entrepreneur can apply for financing from various sources. Parties providing support and start-up financing for new entrepreneurs include the TE Office, Finnvera and regional Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres).

In addition, verify from your local TE Office whether you are eligible for a startup grant. The startup grant secures some of the income and everyday life of a person becoming an entrepreneur when their company is still in its infancy. Remember to apply for the startup grant from your local TE Office before starting a business.

Corporate loan for a new business

A new business usually needs outside capital from external financiers. Most often, the external financier is a bank. To get a corporate loan for a new business, you need to provide:

  • a credible business plan and a three-year budget plan
  • collateral, the most common of which include real security or different types of guarantees.

When you need a loan for starting a business, the Start Guarantee granted by Finnvera, a specialised financing company owned by the State of Finland, helps new SMEs to obtain a corporate loan from OP for various investment and working capital needs.

In such a case, Finnvera’s Start Guarantee serves as collateral for a corporate loan, covering up to 80 per cent of the loan amount. OP can apply for Finnvera’s Start Guarantee for you.

Leasing and hire purchase are suited for the procurement of vehicles and work machines

Successful financing of your new business supports your company’s operations and goals. In collaboration with you, we will tailor a solution that suits the circumstances and needs of your business.

If your new company is a corporation, we can offer, as part of other financing, leasing or hire purchase financing for the procurement of vehicles or work machines, for example. In such a case, the item procured also serves as the guarantee.

Would you like to discuss financing for a new business? Book an appointment with the bank

If you wish to discuss financing for a new business with our specialists, we recommend that you book an appointment with your own OP cooperative bank.