Corporate financing

Reliable financing solutions tailored to your company – today and tomorrow.

Reliable experts at your service

Let OP's experts help you. We take a holistic approach to your business and provide your with proper solutions. If necessary, we will give advice on and help in arranging collateral for financing.

Financing for all situations

Whether you need finance for seasonal fluctuations, new tools or flexibility to your company's account, we can offer financing solutions suitable for your situation.

Apply for corporate financing online

You can apply for financing easily on our online service. This is the fastest way to apply for financing. Filling in an application does not commit you to accepting any financing granted. Our experts will contact you within a few banking days after receiving your application.

Easy-to-use online service

As our customer, an easy-to-use online service is available to you, where you can make, for example, withdrawal requests for financing.

We can tailor a solution meeting your company's needs:



as working capital

An entrepreneur working as a consultant needed financing to manage irregular expenses. An account with credit facility was ideal for daily cash management.



for updating equipments

To update equipments, the farmer-entrepreneur took out a €30,000 loan to be paid back in 5 years. 

Tourism company


for managing seasonal fluctuation

Seasonal fluctuation meant short-term cash deficit for a tourism company. A credit facility was suitable for repeated, short-term financing needs.

Credit always available whenever the need arises

OP Revolving Credit Facility is a single-payment loan with which your company can balance out seasonal fluctuations or finance projects. Withdrawing the revolving credit facility does not require signing separate loan agreements when an agreement of the limit has been concluded. You can conveniently withdraw the credit on the online service.

The revolving credit facility is taken out for a maximum of 12 months and is paid off at maturity.

Flexibility to your company's cash

A corporate account with credit facility makes daily cash management easier and brings flexibility in the case of unexpected expenses. The account is a payment transaction account to which you can link all payment services and cards that your company needs. You can use the credit facility of the corporate account as an ordinary credit card – you do not need to make any separate withdrawal requests.

Corporate loan according to your needs

With a corporate loan you can finance your company's investments, purchases of tools and business expansion. We will tailor the loan term and repayments to your company's needs. This is how you can ensure that your purchases requiring financing does not burden your business too much, and you can allocate the related costs over several years, if necessary.


  OP Revolving Credit Facility Corporate account with credit facility Corporate loan
Purpose of use Suitable for financing short-term investments and seasonal fluctuations Suitable for daily cash management and small capital needs Suitable for long-term investments
Finance type Revolving credit facility Revolving credit facility Term loan
Loan term Loan term for credit withdrawn from the limit 1–12 months Payments into the account automatically reduce the credit facility used Loan term according to needs, typically 3–7 years
Cost of credit Reference interest rate + customer margin, withdrawal fee Euribor + customer margin, limit commission Euribor + customer margin, origination fee
Interest rate adjustment The credit interest rate is fixed throughout the loan term, so the cost of credit is known in advance The reference interest rate is reviewed on a daily basis The reference interest rate is reviewed on the interest adjustment date


How to apply for corporate financing

To get the financing decision faster, please take these documents to the financing negotiation:

  • latest official financial statements and an accounting run of the current financial year if more than six months have passed since the last financial statements,
  • plan for the use of funding,
  • the company’s business plan, cash flow statement and profit budget would also be useful when processing the application.

You can apply for and get financing for your business from various sources.

As a rule, the cost of financing provided by a bank is lower than the cost of instant loans provided by other financiers. You will also get support from the experts of the bank. For this reason, we recommend that you examine the actual interest cost of instant loans.

You can apply for financing from OP easily online. Our experts will contact you within a few banking days after receiving your application. We provide a range of financing options and will offer a solution that suits the needs of your business.

Businesses often need external financing for running their operations. They need financing for investments, growth, balancing seasonal fluctuation or purchasing machinery and equipment, for example.

OP provides financing solutions for all situations of your company.

For example, a corporate loan is well-suited to individual investments or other larger one-time purchases.

If your business needs financing for balancing seasonal fluctuation, you can apply for a corporate account with credit facility or a revolving credit facility so that you will have financing readily available when you need it.

For equipment purchase, you can use leasing, which means long-term hiring, and hire purchase. Factoring is a good option for improving your company’s cash and liquidity management.

To get bank financing for your new business, you will need to provide a business plan and a three-year budget plan. You will also need to provide collateral, the most common of which include real security or different types of guarantees.

If you are starting a new business and need a loan for it, the Start Guarantee granted by Finnvera, a specialised financing company owned by the State of Finland, helps new SMEs to obtain a corporate loan from OP for various investment and working capital needs.