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OP Revolving Credit Facility

A fast and flexible financing solution to your company’s recurring financing needs.


  • Speed, faster reaction times and flexibility for your company

    Revolving Credit Facility gives your company the ability to react quickly to events that require financing. You can make drawdown requests conveniently on OP eServices. Suitable for repeated, short-term financing needs, such as for balancing seasonal fluctuations.

  • Buffer in case of unexpected events

    You can guarantee your solvency in unexpected events by concluding an agreement on revolving credit facility. However, the agreement does not bind you to draw down credit.

  • You only pay for credit that you draw down

    After concluding the revolving credit facility agreement, you can draw down funds for your needs without signing loan agreements. A revolving credit facility enables you to pay only for credit that you draw down.

Apply for revolving credit facility


This is how revolving credit facility works

  1. Apply for revolving credit facility

    Conclude an agreement on Revolving Credit Facility. The agreement does not bind you to draw down credit.

  2. Draw down financing when you need it

    You can make a drawdown request in the op.fi service for the amount that you need. The funds will be available on your account within three business days. Managing the revolving credit facility in the op.fi service is more inexpensive than by phone or in the bank branch.

  3. Pay the credit drawn down

    When you pay back the credit in accordance with your agreement, the same amount of credit facility will become available for your disposal.

What is Revolving Credit Facility suited for?

A revolving credit facility is well suited for reducing a company’s temporary cash deficit. With a revolving credit facility, you can finance a situation where, for example during the holiday season, there is less billing than usual.

A revolving credit facility is suited, for example, for balancing seasonal fluctuation, financing projects and for other short-term investments. Compared with a traditional corporate loan, it is easier and more straightforward to draw down a credit facility. When you conclude an agreement on revolving credit facility, you can make drawdown requests online. When you pay back the amount that you drew down, the same amount of revolving credit facility will become available for re-use.

Loan term and collateral

For credit that is drawn down under a revolving credit facility, the loan term is 1–12 months. The credit that has been drawn down will be repaid on a lump-sum basis at the end of the loan term.

The most important factor for a positive financing decision is your company’s solvency. To secure the repayment of your financing, the bank usually requires collateral, too. These secure the repayment of the loan if your company’s cash flow is not sufficient for repayments.

If necessary, we will help in arranging collateral your company needs for a credit facility. We can also help in obtaining Finnvera’s guarantee. With Finnvera’s guarantee, it is possible to cover a significant part of collateral. In addition to Finnvera’s guarantee, you can also use real securities – such as real estate mortgages, shares in a housing company or business mortgages – as financing collateral. As side collateral, the entrepreneur can also give a personal guarantee meaning that a guarantor is liable for the credit or for an agreed share of the credit with his/her personal assets.

Read more about collateral >

Apply for revolving credit facility

Revolving Credit Facility is granted by OP cooperative bank.

A loan may involve an interest rate cap or interest rate corridor, i.e. interest rate hedging is automatically included in the terms and conditions of the agreement.

The interest rate cap and corridor provides your company with protection against interest rate risk that may be caused by a rise in interest rates. The interest rate floor can be used to affect the cost of interest rate hedging if a minimum interest rate is set for the loan that your company pays on the loan.

We can set the interest rate cap and floor to be in line with your company's risk tolerance and view of interest rates.