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Case: After surviving a cyber attack, a bakery business owner took control of cyber risks with the help of experts

Porokylän Leipomo is a family-owned company founded in 1983 in North Karelia that specialises in handcrafted bakery products. A few years ago, the bakery became the victim of cyber attack when a virus infected the company’s server.

While the bakery continued to roll out products, nothing could be sent out as the virus had locked access to order information. This means that production had to be quickly converted into frozen products and some of the stock had to be thrown out, resulting in additional costs on top of lost profits.

To this day, it remains unclear how the virus was able to infect the company’s server.

‘After the attack, we made a number of changes in our data security. This included restricting access to the server and restricting its functions, making changes to systems and training our staff on data security risks and how to manage them.’

As the next attack might never be far away in the digital world, Mr Kärki decided to prepare against new data security threats with Pohjola Insurance cyber-insurance for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Mr Kärki estimates that the bakery suffered approximately 50,000 euros in damages as the result of the attack. That time round, fixing the situation took nearly two work days and caused a wide variety of losses.

In the event of another attack, the damages would likely be much smaller, as the insurance both covers financial losses and provides expert assistance 24/7/365.

Nainen istuu kannettava tietokone sylissä ja pohdiskelee mitä kaikkia tietoturvariskejä hän välttää kybervakuutuksella.
Is your company prepared for data damage?
Cyber-thieves can steal your company’s most valuable asset: information. Cyber-insurance protects your business continuity.
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