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Experiences on corporate insurance – as told by business owners


Pohjola Insurance Ltd is Finland’s leading non-life insurance company. As a risk management partner, we offer versatile and comprehensive insurance cover for companies of all sizes and lines of business. At Pohjola Insurance, partnership in risk management is more than just insurance.

Our experts help customers develop their business and manage risks in daily operations and through changes.

On this page, you can read experiences and testimonials by companies and business owners from different lines of business on how an insurance company can assist you even before a loss occurs. 


Henkilö hiihtää ladulla mielessään aloittavan yrityksen vakuutukset.
Insurance for new businesses
What are the most important types of insurance for a new business? Read more!
Kuvassa kaksi henkilöä juo kahvia ja pohtii aihetta kasvuyrittäjän vakuutukset
Insurance for growth companies
Are you thinking about growing your business? Read about the most important insurance policies for a growth entrepreneur.
Mies on palaverissa ja hymyilee tietäen, että hänellä on turvanaan uuden yrittäjän vakuutuspaketti eli Yritysykkönen.
Special Corporate Insurance
Insurance package to protect your company’s movable property and operations. Special Corporate Insurance also covers sudden breakage losses.