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Case: Jukka Kuiri revived his father’s taxi business – "Insurance gives peace of mind"

Jukka Kuiri received an offer he could not refuse from OP’s insurance representative. His insurance premiums dropped , resulting in thousands per year in saved costs.

When, in 2015, Jukka Kuiri revived his father’s taxi business after decades of hibernation, he set out with the idea to focus on providing an especially high level of customer service.

− We want to provide high-quality service and personalised customer service experiences for all needs, says Mr Kuiri, who currently serves as Managing Director.

Operating mainly in the Kuopio region, Kuirin Taksipalvelu employs about 10 to 15 drivers on a monthly basis and has expanded its fleet from one to six vehicles in just a few years. As business has grown, the company’s insurance needs have also evolved.

Kuiri received an offer he could not refuse from an OP Financial Group insurance representative with whom he was acquainted.

− The offer had everything just right. Our insurance premiums dropped, which translates to thousands of euros in saved costs each year as our fleet continues to grow.

Kuiri has insured everything, from vehicles to employees and customers. To date, the company has been lucky to avoid major accidents, but there have been some minor incidents along the way.

− I left a callback request, and the representative got in touch very quickly. The matter was all sorted out in fifteen minutes.

By ensuring that insurance for a taxi entrepreneur are all in order, the Managing Director can focus on developing the business with an easy mind.

− It certainly brings peace of mind, what with the cars on the move 24/7 and all kinds of customers and drivers on the road. If anything should happen, such as a customer slipping when getting out of the car, our insurance is all taken care of and the customer experience can remain positive.

Mr Kuiri feels that neglecting insurance is a poor way to save money.

− Negotiating a suitable insurance package is worth every penny. Paying only for what you truly need helps keep costs down. Reliability and safety are key areas in the type of service we want to offer our customers.

Mies on palaverissa ja hymyilee tietäen, että hänellä on turvanaan uuden yrittäjän vakuutuspaketti eli Yritysykkönen.
Special Corporate Insurance
Insurance package to protect your company’s movable property and operations. Special Corporate Insurance also covers sudden breakage losses.
Mies ajaa taksia asiakas kyydissään tyytyväisenä siitä, että hänellä on taksivakuutus turvanaan.
Taxi insurance
Insurance for your taxi with the coverage you need.
The insurer is Pohjola Insurance. The losses will be covered in accordance with the law and the insurance terms and conditions.