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Case: Kartingtilaisuus.fi sets great store by easy and efficient insurance and banking transactions

Kartingtilaisuus.fi is a company that organises karting events. It was able to start its operations very quickly partly thanks to the one-stop-shop services offered by Pohjola Insurance, Ilmarinen and OP. OP mobile allows entrepreneurs to take care of billing when it best suits them.

Sometimes it is best to not delay starting a business. Finnish karting champions Aleksi Tuukkanen and Arto Sainio came up with the idea for their new business at Café Torpanranta in Munkkiniemi, Helsinki. These two expert motor sportsmen wanted to start a company that would give customers the chance to experience what it feels like to drive a proper go-kart. 

When you have a hot, new idea for a business, it is essential to get it started as easily as possible.

The operations of Kartingtilaisuus.fi got under way in just a couple of weeks. One important factor that contributed to making it easy was sorting out all the company’s insurance and banking transactions in one go: insurance policies from Pohjola Insurance, employment pension insurance policies from Ilmarinen and banking from OP. 

– There are some insurance policies, such as employees’ pension insurance, that must be in order before the business gets going. I’m very happy with the products and customer service because they helped us to launch our operations quickly, says entrepreneur Aleksi Tuukkanen. 

You can drive the go-karts of Kartingtilaisuus.fi at the Vihti karting track.

The enterprise’s customers include both companies and groups of friends ranging from beginners to old hands. It has close to twenty high-speed Rotax Max 125 go-karts to choose from. As well as driving on the track, you can book training provided by experienced kart drivers. The staff have dozens of years of experience and numerous medals from Finnish, European and World Championships. 

Kartingtilaisuus.fi is not Tuukkanen and Sainio’s first company, but one among many. Because it is not their main source of livelihood, their skilled staff play a key role. 

– Thanks to our excellent, experienced staff, I feel and know that things will be done right even when I am not there. For customers, their competence translates as a genuine motor sports experience.

An experienced insurance and banking partner also makes an entrepreneur’s everyday routines easier. 

– I have always had my account and some of my insurance policies at OP and Pohjola Insurance. It was an easy choice for me because their services have always worked well. I particularly appreciate the fact that they contact us whenever there are any changes.”

This allows an entrepreneur to focus on what is most important. As Tuukkanen’s both parents are entrepreneurs, it is a familiar lifestyle for him. His long career in motor sports has also taught him a lot.  

– There are a lot of similarities between entrepreneurship and motor sports. Nothing comes for free, and you have to put everything on the line.

In addition to expert help, digital services simplify the running of the company and save entrepreneurs time.

– Thanks to OP mobile, I can take care of billing anywhere and any time I like. It makes accounting records easily available and I can send them to my accountant in a flash.

Kaksi naista tutkii pöydällä olevia materiaaleja ja keskustelee TyEListä, lakisääteisestä työeläkevakuutuksesta työntekijälle.
TyEL or statutory employment pension insurance for employees
TyEL insurance is a form of mandatory insurance for entrepreneurs.
Nainen istuu kahvilassa hymyillen, sillä hänellä on aloittavan yrityksen vakuutukset kunnossa.
Insurance for new businesses
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The insurer is Pohjola Insurance. The losses will be covered in accordance with the law and the insurance terms and conditions. TyEL and YEL insurance is issued by Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company.