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Case: Arjasmaa Yhtiöt commits employees with insurance coverage

Arjasmaa Yhtiöt acquires traditional family-owned companies and commits employees with insurance coverage.

If the future of a company with a long history is threatened by a lack of successor, Raisio-based construction firm Arjasmaa may come to the rescue. Arjasmaa Yhtiöt was founded in 2013 and currently already owns four construction companies.

Arjasmaa Yhtiöt specialises in acquiring family-owned companies with a strong identity and solid clientele. CEO Kimmo Arjasmaa stresses that the purchased companies are not merged into the parent company. Instead, the parent offers support and security while allowing companies to hold onto their tried and tested practices. 

One prerequisite to a successful acquisition is to ensure that talented employees in the purchased company do not jump ship to competitors. Insurance policies such as Health Insurance play a critical role in ensuring that talent is retained in the company.

– We strive to be the best workplace in the construction sector and work hard to achieve this goal. In these efforts, insurance coverage plays a major role. We want to provide our employees with the best possible insurance cover to ensure their access to quality treatment whenever necessary. Employees have shown genuine appreciation for this type of coverage.

All in all, the group employs just over a hundred people and posts net sales of nearly 50 million euros. The company’s care for employees is visible in its attractiveness. 

– We’ve hired senior and experienced employees as well as fresh graduates, allowing for a system much like that of apprentices and masters. Employees have been quite satisfied with the provided insurance cover.

Satisfied personnel lead to satisfied customers

Kimmo Arjasmaa has made a long career in the construction sector. He has worked in companies such as Senate Properties, ISS Proko and Rakennustoimisto Laamo. He had dreamed of his own company since he was a boy, as both sides of his family had builders.

Now, his dream is realised and the company is growing as planned. Today, the group consists of the companies Arjasmaa Oy, Rakennustoimisto Laamo Oy, Rakennusliike Kemppe Oy and Rakennus Oy Isotalo.

The large parent company is able to provide the companies with hands-on support to help improve the culture of companies with a good, long-standing reputation. Holding onto company culture is important, as all four of the acquired companies are over 30 years old.

– The parent company can work on the little things that help improve employee well-being. They may be related to insurance cover, personnel funds or a shared boat, for example.

Mr Arjasmaa says that their way of doing things with employees in mind is also visible in customer satisfaction.

– Our employee wellness days always have high attendance. Engaging in shared activities builds team spirit and brings managers closer to employees, which in turn helps us respond to potential development needs at work sites and in the office.

Kimmo Arjasmaa calls for active communication from an insurance company.

– When changes take place, it is helpful to go over them together. In insurance matters, just as in human resources, the best solutions are found through open discussion.

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