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Case: Transport professional Kuljetus Sundell values a designated contact person

Managing Director Mika Sundell says that the decision to choose Pohjola Insurance was influenced in particular by reliability and a designated contact person, who understands the company’s business and is available at short notice.

Kuljetus Sundell Oy, a transport service provider based in Southern Finland, has been a customer of Pohjola Insurance since 2017. Managing Director Mika Sundell says that one of the key reasons for choosing Pohjola Insurance was reliability.

– Things have gone smoothly. The insurance company looks after its responsibility, and we have access to a reliable contact person for quick answers whenever we need them.

Kuljetus Sundell serves both personal and corporate customers. The company’s fleet includes vans and semi-trailer trucks among other vehicles. A majority of the company’s business consists of transport services and deliveries of soil and rock material. One of the most notable changes during the past decade has been that deliveries of renewable energy have replaced coal shipments.

The company was founded by Mika Sundell’s grandfather more than 60 years ago. Mika Sundell joined the business in the mid-1990s after the recession.

– Entrepreneurship is something of a blood curse to me. After school, I used to park my bike on the side of the road and jump in to ride with my dad. I spent evenings in the truck cabin, learning the trade along the way.

Over the years, the company has grown from a small family business to a diversified service provider that employs 60 to 70 professionals.  The company works in close cooperation with Western Uusimaa Municipal Training and Education Consortium Luksia in recruiting new employees. The company regularly offers full-time positions for temporary summer workers.

Sundell says that a proactive cooperation with the insurance company is important to ensure that business runs smoothly.

– Accidents happen when we’re forced to work in poor conditions at a site, for example. At worst, personal injuries are possible, which is why identifying risks in advance is important.

In such situations, a designated contact person with the insurance company who understands the customer’s business is invaluable.

– We value service efficiency. If our clients suffer losses, the situation must be addressed quickly. During my time with other companies, I’ve noticed that some insurance companies take weeks and months to handle a claim.

Sundell adds that a lack of ambiguity is also important. He recalls a case when after a vehicle was damaged by lightning, the insurance company at the time was unwilling to reimburse the loss. 

– Pohjola Insurance is a customer-focused company. This means that insurance matters and claims are handled as quickly as possible.

The insurer is Pohjola Insurance. The losses will be covered in accordance with the law and the insurance terms and conditions.