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Cargo handling insurance

Insure your lifting service provider against liability for damages.

Comprehensive insurance for lifting service providers

Cargo handling insurance covers damages to lifted loads.

Personalised cover

The insurance is personalised to meet the needs of your lifting equipment, including lorries, lorry-mounted and mobile cranes and working machines. 

Professionals at your assistance

In the event of a loss, we will handle the claim while you are free to focus your resources and efforts on your core business.

Cargo handling insurance ensures business continuity

Your lifting service provider may be held liable if a lifted load is damaged during handling. Liability for damage is determined based on current tort liability legislation. Cargo handling insurance protects you against liability due to damaged loads and helps your company settle claims.

Cargo handling insurance is intended for lifting service providers, such as crane operators engaged in lifting work with lorry-mounted and mobile cranes. Cargo handling insurance may also be issued for a lorry equipped with a loading crane.

What does cargo handling insurance cover?

Cargo handling insurance covers material damage to lifted cargo as well as loss prevention and mitigation costs. The maximum amount of compensation is determined by the maximum value of cargo lifted per time.

If a loss occurs, your business could suffer significant detriment if found liable to pay damages and is made responsible for investigating various liability and indemnity issues.

By taking out cargo handling insurance with us, we will determine your company’s liability for the damage and negotiate with the claimant on your behalf. We will appear in court and pay the legal expenses if the claim for damage leads to legal proceedings.

Example of a coverable loss event

A lifting service provider was lifting building materials on a roof with a lorry-mounted crane. The driver had failed to properly secure the load, causing the lifted building materials to fall to the ground and become damaged beyond repair. The building materials were covered under cargo-handling insurance in accordance with their current value. A deductible was subtracted from the compensation.

How do I take out cargo handling insurance for my company?

Leave your contact information using the button below to receive a quote for cargo handling insurance. Our experts at Pohjola Insurance have extensive understanding of the sector and can provide more information on the content and price of the insurance. We also offer customised cargo handling insurance for your company’s specific needs.

After receiving your request for a quote, we will get in touch with you to determine the best insurance solutions for your company!

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