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Commercial Transport Extra

Insurance to cover your company’s property and operations.

Easy and convenient basic cover

Commercial Transport Extra has been developed for the needs of taxi, bus, ambulance and transport companies’ needs.

Dimensioned for small businesses

The insurance has been dimensioned for small businesses, and in case compensation is required, the deductible is only 100 euros.

Also for crisis situations

Crisis insurance helps you if you have a road accident, are subjected to assault or robbery or an accident occurs.

Key insurance in the same package

Commercial Transport Extra is an easy way to prepare against taxi, bus, ambulance and other transport companies’ commonest risks. It covers your company’s property and operations, containing property, liability, legal expenses and crisis insurance.

We insure your business’s property, such as tools used for repair and maintenance, vehicle spare parts, payment terminals and telephones. Customer’s luggage is also insured during transportation. In taxi transport, the insurance also covers goods transports subject to charge, so you do not need separate insurance for them.

Remember to take out other vehicle and personal insurance policies that are not included in Commercial Transport Extra. You may consider, for example, cyber-insurance in case of data system break-ins.

We compensate, for example

  • breakage, theft or other sudden loss to moveable property
  • cleaning of vehicle interior if it becomes dirty because of the customer
  • personal or property losses you cause during commercial transport if you are liable for the losses
  • legal and litigation expenses related to commercial transport
  • acute crisis therapy in case of road accident, assault or robbery.

General liability insurance is important for all businesses

General liability insurance included in Commercial Transport Extra gives coverage if you cause personal injuries or losses to someone else’s property during commercial transport. For example, a taxi driver may, when driving a customer home, cause the customer to fall and be injured.

We will find out for you whether you are liable for the loss, and will compensate for the losses for which your company is liable by law. Without such insurance, clearing liability and loss compensation issues may have a major impact on your business.

86% per cent of our taxi entrepreneur customers rely on Commercial Transport Extra.

Crisis support to help you return to work

A transport professional may be involved in a road accident, some other kind of accident or be the target of assault or robbery. Quick crisis support will help you to recover from a traumatic event and help you to return to work.

Crisis insurance included in Commercial Transport Extra ensures psychological support to victims, family members and other employees in the company. 

Mies ajaa taksia asiakas kyydissään tyytyväisenä siitä, että hänellä on taksivakuutus turvanaan.
Taxi insurance
Insurance for your taxi with the coverage you need.
Yrityksen ajoneuvovakuutus autoille ja ajoneuvoille.
Motor vehicle insurance for businesses
Insurance for all your company cars and other vehicles

Taxi traffic

  • A taxi payment terminal or company computer is broken.
  • The contents of a customer’s shopping bag is spilled on the back seat, making it dirty.
  • A robbery occurs and the taxi money and the driver’s personal money are stolen.

Bus transport

  • A customer’s luggage is damaged.
  • The driver is robbed or assaulted.
  • Repair and maintenance tools are stolen.

Ambulance transport

  • Movable property that is not covered by the vehicle’s comprehensive motor vehicle insurance is damaged.

Transport companies

  • A trailer separate from a lorry is burnt.
  • A vehicle’s separate timber lift is vandalised.
  • Tools and vehicles spare parts are stolen.
The insurer is Pohjola Insurance. The losses will be covered in accordance with the law and the insurance terms and conditions.