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Working Machine Extra

Cover your working machines’ accessories in case of losses.

Dimensioned for small businesses

The insurance has been dimensioned for small businesses, and in case compensation is required, the deductible is EUR 200.

Cover for dealing with crises

Crisis insurance helps you if you have a road accident or a serious accident occurs.

Comprehensive cover for accessories

You can select broad or limited cover for your working machines’ loose accessories for the sum insured of your choice.

Property insurance cover for sudden losses

The property insurance included in the Working Machine Extra covers movable property important for the daily business of a machine contractor or excavation constructor.

The insurance covers the property you use in business, such as maintenance and repair equipment, tools, working machine spare parts and office supplies, as well as fuels and lubricants separate from the working machine.

The Working Machine Extra always includes crisis insurance that covers the employees, entrepreneur and family for crisis therapy needed after a sudden road accident or serious accident.

Working Machine Insurance covers accessories attached to the working machine. If the accessories are not attached to the working machine, you can cover them with Working Machine Extra.

Customised cover for loose accessories

Accessories are necessary for many machine contractors in order to perform diverse contracts. In the Working Machine Extra, you can select broad or limited cover for your working machines’ detached accessories for the sum insured of your choice.

For example, you can insure the following accessories when they are not attached to the working machine:

  • buckets and excavator hammers
  • scarifiers and percussion hammers
  • bulldozer plates, snow blowers, earth and stump drills, chain excavators and snow sweepers
  • mowers, mower conditioners and grab buckets detachable from the working machine
  • sand distributors and washing equipment

Limited cover for loss or damage caused by fire, theft or vandalism. Broad cover also covers sudden and unforeseeable losses, such as an accessory breakdown. Please note that accessories are covered by Working Machine Insurance when attached to the working machine. 

Examples of losses covered:

A log pile collapsed after wet snowfall and a separate harvesting head left beside the pile was hit by the rolling logs. The broken parts of the harvesting head were covered from Working Machine Extra.

An excavator’s swivelling bucket tilter delivered for maintenance was destroyed by a repair workshop fire. The damage was covered by Working Machine Extra for the part not covered by the workshop’s insurance.

Crisis support helps in returning to work

A machine contractor professional can suddenly have a road accident or serious accident at work or in leisure time. Quick crisis support will help provide recovery from a traumatic event and aid in returning to work.

Crisis insurance included in Working Machine Extra ensures psychological support to victims, family members and other employees in the company.

Yrityksen ajoneuvovakuutus autoille ja ajoneuvoille.
Motor vehicle insurance for businesses
Insurance for all your company cars and other vehicles
Mies kypärä päässä nousemassa keltaiseen työkoneeseen, joka on vakuutettu työkonevakuutuksella.
Working machine insurance
Cover your company's working machines and their accessories.
The insurer is Pohjola Insurance. The losses will be covered in accordance with the law and the insurance terms and conditions.