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Start using corporate online services

You can easily and safely manage all your company's banking and insurance matters at op.fi.

All your company’s banking and insurance services at op.fi

You can handle everything relating to payment transfers, financing, investments and insurance at op.fi.

On the same service, you can also attend to your personal banking and insurance matters

If you are both OP’s private and corporate customer or authorised to do transactions for several companies, after login you can select which role’s or company’s transactions you wish to do.

Start using banking and insurance services online

To take banking and insurance services into use online, you need to enter into an eServices Agreement covering both banking and insurance services. You can use op.fi with a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Corporate eServices Agreement for banking services

When you enter into an eServices Agreement for banking services, you can select between two service packages designed to your company’s needs and size.

We offer the OP eServices for small corporate and institutional customers to the corporate customers that have concluded the agreement online free of charge until the end of 2020.

Both packages enable you, among others, to:

  • handle payments and matters related to accounts
  • print out online balance statements, balance and interest certificates of accounts and loans, and a list of pledges related to objects of insurance
  • generate a summary of accounting records.

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Corporate eServices Agreement for insurance services

By entering into an eServices Agreement for insurance services, you can take advantage of the following services online:

  • filing loss reports
  • printing out insurance certificates
  • ordering Green Cards for company vehicles
  • printing travel insurance certificates for visa applications
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Apply for a Corporate eServices user ID

You can do transactions online by using your personal private customer user ID or your personal Corporate eServices user ID. Each user ID enables you to easily do banking and insurance transactions online if you have access rights to the service.

Apply for a Corporate eServices user ID