Hopeinen leasing sähköauto, jota käyttäjä alkaa lataamaan

Leasing an electric or hybrid vehicle

Low-emission hybrid and electric vehicles are increasingly capturing the markets from traditional combustion engine vehicles. A considerable share of new cars are already low-emission models. We also offer a leasing solution for electric and hybrid vehicles.

In addition to the costs of use and financing, companies are now taking environmental matters into account in their procurement. We wish to offer sustainable solutions and support the responsible choices of our customers, such as low-emission mobility. There has been a clear change regarding the engine power of vehicles: diesel, the old main favourite, has had to make room for hybrid vehicles in the corporate vehicle market. An ecological, low-emission, modernised car stock supports green transition of businesses and offers a positive image of corporate responsibility.

How to charge an electric vehicle on the road – information available on OP Media (in Finnish)

Leasing an electric and hybrid vehicle 

The advantages of leasing an electric or hybrid vehicle include stable costs and predictability. No matter which leasing solution you choose, getting hold of vehicles through an electric or hybrid car lease agreement helps you keep your budget balanced and frees up your company's capital for other business needs. Generally, you will get better returns on your equity in your own business operations than if it was bound to a car. This turns the variable costs of owning a car into fixed costs.

We want to make leasing an electric or hybrid vehicle easy and hassle-free. A maintenance lease makes it easy to find a solution regarding transmission power. You can choose the car to suit your needs – an electric, hybrid or combustion-engine-based vehicle – without worrying about its value depreciating. OP’s partner dealerships will help you in selecting a leasing solution for an electric or hybrid vehicle. You can select your vehicle from an extensive selection of makes and models from car dealerships. Our business lease products include our flexible OP Finance Lease agreement and our turnkey maintenance lease product, OP Leasing Plus. In turn, OP Car Leasing is suitable for both businesses and private individuals.

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A lease offer for electric and hybrid vehicles

To obtain an electric or hybrid car lease, begin by requesting an offer for OP Corporate Bank's leasing solution.

The monthly instalment depends on what type of vehicle you choose, the length of the lease term, kilometre limit, whether your agreement includes an insurance or extra services such as maintenance and tyre service.

Leasing keeps your vehicle costs in check and budget balanced – information available on OP Media (in Finnish)

What should you bear in mind regarding insurance?

In addition to mandatory motor liability insurance, you should complement the coverage with voluntary comprehensive motor vehicle insurance. Motor liability insurance for an electric car always covers bodily injuries and property damage suffered by the party not at fault in the accident. Depending on the scope of cover you choose, comprehensive motor vehicle insurance covers battery damage resulting from an accident and the costs of towing after an electrical malfunction, for example.

You can take your electric car in for repairs directly to our repair shop partner specialising in electric vehicles. Our partner will take care of the repairs and file the loss report on your behalf.

I’ve obtained a motor vehicle through a lease agreement – where can I see the details of my financing?

If you’ve obtained a vehicle using a lease agreement, you can view your financing information on OP's online financing service (in Finnish). You can log into the service with your personal online banking user identifiers issued by any Finnish bank or Mobile ID.

Financing for OP Financial Leasing, OP Leasing Plus and OP Car Leasing is granted by OP Corporate Bank plc.