Leasingsopimuksella maksat vain auton käytöstä

Finance Lease – car financing for companies

With the finance lease, you will pay for using a car not for ownership.

Company lease car and car financing

OP Finance Lease is an easy way to get a car without other required collateral.


Predictable costs for car use

Car financing gives companies the option to anticipate future costs. The costs are distributed in a balanced way using fixed monthly instalments.


Unlimited kilometres

The driving kilometres are not limited and your company can benefit from the car's value when the agreement expires.

What is a finance lease?

A finance lease is one possible way for your company to obtain a car loan. It means that OP buys a vehicle under terms agreed between your company and the vendor. The vehicle is then leased to you under a finance lease agreement. In a finance lease, your company will pay fixed rent instalments on the use of the car. This makes cash flows more balanced and your costs more predictable. This means you don’t need a large amount of capital for your car acquisition. 

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Pay only for use

OP Finance Lease is ideal for companies which want to answer for the maintenance of the lease car and do not care for limited driving kilometres. The lease term is between 24 and 60 months and the fixed lease payment is invoiced every month. At the expiry of the lease term, the customer will find a buyer of the car or agree on extending the lease. In case the car's selling price is higher than the agreed residual value, the difference will be refunded to the customer or, in the contrary case, the customer will pay OP for the difference.

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Here's what to do

1. Submit the contact form

Fill in your contact details in the form and describe what type of car you need.

2. Service Provider’s solution proposal

We will contact the car dealership and their expert will get in touch with you.

3. Financing application

The car dealership will submit a financing application regarding the car you have selected.

4. Sign the agreement

Once you receive a positive credit decision, you will be able to sign the agreement electronically.

5. Done!

Drive safely and enjoy!

Just request a loan offer and choose your preferred vehicle

An OP Finance Lease agreement is obtaining by contacting us directly or asking an OP Finance Lease offer from your car dealership. You can sign an OP Finance Lease agreement at any car dealership in Finland. A preferred lease vehicle for your company can be chosen from an extensive selection of makes and models from car dealerships.

How would you like to have your monthly lease payment?

Your monthly lease payment can flexibly be adjusted in terms of:

  • lease term
  • residual value
  • the amount of the first lease payment

The amount of the payments of the lease car can be optimise, for example, by paying a larger first payment or selecting a lease car with a longer lease term. This is how the monthly lease payments can easily planned and predicted.

All your motor vehicle insurance premiums in the same bill

You can also select OP Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance Plus Financing as the insurance solution. It includes motor liability and motor vehicle insurance. Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance Plus Financing is suitable for privately used passenger cars and vans of both private individuals and businesses. Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance Plus Financing enters into force at the same time as the financing agreement and the insurance premiums are paid as part of OP’s monthly car financing payments. In other words, you pay both financing and insurance on a single bill.

I have access to lease financing – where can I see my financing information?

If you have access to lease financing, you can see your financing information on OP's online financing service (in Finnish). You can log into the service with the personal online banking user identifiers issued by any Finnish bank or Mobile ID.

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Carefree motoring for your company
You can conclude an OP Leasing plus agreement at any car dealer anywhere in Finland.
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The service is provided by the OP Corporate Bank plc.