Financing options for company cars

We offer a wide range of financing options for company cars depending on your company's situation. Our flexible operating practice and customer focus ensure that you will find the best financing alternative for your company.

OP's financing options for company cars can be divided into leasing and hire purchase. Our leasing solutions are finance lease and Leasing Plus, which includes servicing and other additional services. A common feature of all alternatives is that the car serves as collateral for the financing and you can estimate the costs of acquiring a car beforehand.

Does your company only need financing or would you like to combine financing with servicing?

If you only need financing for your company's fleet, we recommend hire purchase or finance lease. Leasing Plus is a full service solution enabling easy management of your fleet and its useful life. The lease includes regular maintenance, inspections, a replacement car and seasonal tyre changes. After the contract expires, you can return the car to the car dealer.

Would you like to own the vehicle when the contract expires?

When you choose hire purchase financing, your company will own the car after the hire purchase contract expires. If you do not wish to tie up your company's assets to ownership, we recommend leasing a car for a specific period.

If you choose Leasing Plus, your company only needs to return the car to the car dealer when the lease period expires, and depreciation will not be a cause for concern. In finance lease your company is responsible for finding a new buyer, which means that you will also carry the depreciation risk, but you may also receive compensation if the car's selling price is higher than its residual value.

What is your desired balance sheet and profit impact?

Our lease and hire purchase solutions have a different impact on your company's balance sheet and income statement. In leasing, the car is an off-balance-sheet item and the leases are included in expenses in the income statement. In hire purchase, the car is included in the balance sheet and your can enter depreciation in normal fashion even though title to the car is not transferred to your company until after the expiry of the contract.

More information about company car financing options:

Huolettomia ajokilometrejä leasingautolla
Carefree motoring for your company
You can conclude an OP Leasing plus agreement at any car dealer anywhere in Finland.
Leasingsopimuksella maksat vain auton käytöstä
OP Finance Lease
With the finance lease, you will pay for using a car not for ownership

Our company car insurance is a fair-price package combining a financing agreement and a non-life insurance contract. You can count on our insurance expertise.
Our company car insurance includes statutory motor liability insurance as well as voluntary comprehensive motor vehicle insurance.

The insurance contract enters into force simultaneously with the financing agreement, and a fixed premium is invoiced with every instalment using a single invoice.

Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance as part of hire purchase is a convenient and affordable service package combining hire purchase and non-life insurance.

The insurance includes motor liability insurance as well as comprehensive motor vehicle insurance. The premium is fixed throughout the contract period and is invoiced as part of the monthly instalment of the hire purchase contract.

Ask an offer for comprehensive motor vehicle insurance when you conclude a hire purchase contract at the car dealer.