OP financing for machinery and equipment purchases

Your company can also purchase machinery and equipment through hire purchase, or hire it through leasing.

No other collateral needed

Vehicles, machinery or equipment acquired through hire purchase or leasing serve as collateral.

Predictable expenses

Expenses associated with hire purchase and leasing are evenly spread across the asset’s retention period.

Wide range of options

We can offer a solution that meets the precise needs of your company.

Considering the purchase of new machinery or equipment, or a vehicle?

Have your machinery and equipment reached the end of their lifecycles, or are you planning to expand your business, or purchase a new car? 

Leasing and hire purchase are good options for the financing of your company’s new machinery, equipment or vehicles. View the options and contact OP’s specialists. Let’s join forces to find the right financing for your company’s purchases.


Use hire purchase or leasing to finance your company’s new machinery or equipment

We offer purchase financing to operating, financially sound companies. Vehicle, machinery and equipment purchases are often a company’s most common investments.

Hire purchase and leasing have the advantage of avoiding the need for a real estate mortgage or floating charge — the purchase itself serves as collateral. In addition, the purchase cost is spread evenly over time, making it easier to forecast and manage expenses. A payment scheme and monthly instalments can be agreed based on your company’s needs.


Hire purchase or leasing?

Hire purchase is the answer when you want to own the machinery or equipment. Finance leasing is best for long-term equipment rental. For both alternatives, the acquired equipment itself serves as collateral — there’s no need for side collateral.

The most common leasing and hire purchase assets are:

  • computers, printers and other IT equipment

  • furniture for offices and shops

  • cars, transport equipment and other vehicles

  • machinery such as excavators, forest machines and tractors

  • production machinery and equipment

  • industrial equipment 

Contact our specialists and ask them about the most suitable financing for your company’s purchases.