Leasing – free your capital for other purposes

Leasing means a long-term lease of capital assets.

Assess easier the investment return

Makes it easier to assess the investment return and your company’s cash management.

Easier way to renew your company’s equipment

Keep up with the latest technologies and adopt cleaner and more energy-efficient machinery.

You can use corporate leasing to acquire movable capital assets

Leasing means a long-term lease of capital assets. Many know the term leasing from the world of vehicles, but your company can use leasing in various ways to finance different capital asset acquirements. In addition to vehicles, you can lease IT equipment, production and working machines, office and shop furniture, different industrial devices, energy efficiency procurement for a property, and even business premises.  

Leasing makes it possible for you to rent products in the long term. Just as with hire purchase agreements, your company pays a monthly fee with leasing. The difference is that the device does not automatically change owners at the end of the agreement, although, in many cases, your company may want to redeem the machine, device or vehicle at the end of the lease period. 

Your company will buy a product acquired through hire purchase instalments, or investment financing, to own. The ownership is transferred once the last product instalment has been paid. 

How can your company benefit from leasing?

The idea of leasing is to distribute the expenses of the procurement for the duration of its usage and to use the leased object as collateral at the same time. Leasing provides your company with an effective and easy way of financing equipment and other acquisitions. You can access finance that is just the right size for you, quickly and effortlessly. Because the leased object is collateral for the financing, you do not usually need other collateral. Leasing does not tie down your company’s assets in the same way as owning. The expenses spread evenly for the duration of its use, making it easier to forecast and manage expenses. You can easily add the monthly charges of your selected additional services and insurance policies to the lease payment invoice.

Our limit solutions bring flexibility to financing your company’s regular purchases. If necessary, the leasing limit enables you to make withdrawals, while the paid lease instalments free some of the credit limit. Facilitates procurement and invoice approval for larger businesses with several functions are made easier by means of boundary conditions and processes agreed in advance.

In OP's online financing service, you can review your leasing agreements and invoices and download information for further use if you need them.

Benefits of leasing for your company: 

  • As the financed asset provides collateral, you will not usually need any other collateral.

  • Our financing process is clear, effortless and quick.

  • The purchase cost is spread evenly over a term, making it easier to forecast and manage outgoings.

  • Corporate leasing diversifies the financing structure and enhances the balance sheet. In Finnish accounting, leasing is a liability, which is not included in the balance sheet.

  • With leasing limit, financing for your regular purchases will be systematic, and it will be easy to indicate which organisational section’s duty it is.

Examples of leasing solutions


OP offers tailored leasing solutions to cater for your different requirements.

  Machinery and device leasing Car leasing IT equipment leasing
For whom? For companies For companies and private persons For companies and corporations
Financed object Vehicles, machinery, equipment, furniture and even space solutions Cars and vehicles IT equipment
Does it include insurance? No, but you can request a quote from Pohjola Insurance. The customer can select OP
Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance Plus Financing (incl. motor liability and
comprehensive motor vehicle insurance).
The customer can include equipment insurance in the service.
Typical lease term 3–6 years 2–4 years 2–4 years
Additional financing services Reporting according to the customer’s requirements, including IFRS16 Repair and/or tyre services according to the customer’s choice Life-cycle management service via an electronic device register


At the end of the lease period, your company can continue the lease, redeem the asset or find a buyer for it. Unlike in finance leases, the lease asset is returned to the seller or service provider after the lease period in accordance with the terms and conditions of the lease agreement.

Machinery and device leasing 

Leasing can be used to finance a wide range of your company’s movable capital assets. In terms of machinery and devices, this means anything from office and store furniture to transport equipment, working machines, production machines and industrial devices. We can also provide financing for real property purchases and even a variety of space solutions.

When leasing machinery or devices, your company can select between two different products: a finance lease and lease agreement. Finance lease enables you to continue your lease at the end of the lease period, find a buyer for the leased property, or redeem the leased property. If you choose the lease agreement, you will return the property to the seller at the end of the contract period.

Leasing car for a company: Car leasing, Leasing Plus and Finance Lease

We offer a corporate leasing solution tailored to your company’s car policy to manage the life cycles of the cars. You have several financing options to choose from: OP Car Leasing, full-service maintenance lease or OP Leasing Plus and OP Finance Lease. OP Car Leasing is suitable for both private and business use.

You can easily add OP Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance Plus Financing to conveniently manage both motor liability insurance and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance on the same invoice.

OP Capital Assets Service is a leasing solution for IT equipment

OP Capital Assets Service is a way to acquire IT equipment and other movable capital assets for your company, such as production, logistics and warehousing equipment, or office and store furniture.

The lease term for IT equipment is usually between 36 and 48 months, and you can add insurance to your package. The useful lives of different components are determined in advance, which makes upgrading easy when the time comes. We also take care of wiping your data securely and recycling your old IT equipment.

Our life cycle management service and web-based asset catalogue make managing your IT equipment and other capital assets easy. You can make use of the register in reporting. The register also enables your company to allocate and monitor its capital assets’ total costs of ownership during their use.

Vendor financing

OP provides your company with the opportunity to offer financing for vehicle, machinery, device, home, leisure and health care purchases. 

With our help, your company always has access to a designated contact person, and we also offer training for the use of online services and the sale of financing products. 

Our financing solutions help increase your sales and improve your company's competitiveness.

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I have access to lease financing – where can I see my financing information?

If you have access to lease financing, you can see your financing information on OP's online financing service (in Finnish). You can log into the service with your personal online banking user identifiers issued by any Finnish bank or with a Mobile ID.