Leasing offers an efficient and easy way to finance equipment and other purchases.

“Leasing optimises financing according to the lease asset and your company's needs. It simplifies your company's acquisitions, increases predictability of expenses, balances cash flow, optimises collateral and improves balance sheet management.“ Mikko Allonen, Finance Manager, OP.

Leasing is a special form of renting, and it refers to a long-term leasing of capital assets (fixed assets). We can purchase a lease asset from a supplier of your choice and lease it to your company for a specified period against payment.

Leasing is a convenient way of investing in capital assets, because it will not require other collateral than the leased asset itself. Neither will leasing tie up your company's capital the same way as ownership does. If you need to make purchases throughout the year, we also offer fast and flexible leasing credit facility.

Typical lease assets include vehicles, machinery and production equipment, ICT and other office equipment, office furniture and industrial equipment. Either your company as the lessee, or the seller or a third party is responsible for the residual value, as agreed.

Benefits of leasing for your company

  • The predictable lease payment makes it easier to assess the investment return and manage cash flow.
  • Managing capital assets is flexible because financing for purchases is available when needed, for example, as capacity changes.
  • Leasing diversifies the financing structure and improves the balance sheet. In Finnish accounting, leasing is treated as an off-balance-sheet liability.
  • Leasing enables updating your equipment to keep up with the latest technologies and adopt cleaner and more energy-efficient machinery

Leasing makes it easier to procure assets, estimate costs, keep cash flow balanced and improve on key figures in the balance sheet. We provide a wide range of leasing solutions based on the needs of every organisation.

We provide versatile company car solutions with flexible finance lease and risk- and carefree service leasing solution called Leasing plus.

You can also couple financing with Company Vehicle Cover. In that case, Motor Liability Insurance and Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance will be conveniently included in the same invoice with financing.

OP Capital Assets Service is a life cycle management service designed for acquiring and managing ICT equipment and other moveable capital assets. The equipment is leased for a fixed lease term and returned after its expiry.

Lease limit is a simple and modern solution for managing the capital assets acquired by your company throughout the year. Typical lease assets here include vehicles, machinery and production equipment, and industrial equipment. When needed, you can draw funds from the lease limit. Vice versa, when you make lease payments, you will free up the credit facility. Based on your company's estimated purchases, we will agree on a euro amount for the lease limit and the products which can be financed using it.

Benefits for your company:

  • The lease limit helps speed up procurement due to predetermined processes and terms and conditions. Financing is available quickly and there is no need to discuss terms each time before an individual purchase.
  • The lease limit is an attractive option for companies with a lot of fixed assets and moveable property.
  • Managing a company's fixed assets becomes easier when most purchases are made using a single limit. We can also help with accounting by providing required reports, such as itemised lease liability and IFRS reports.
  • Electronic invoicing using a single common invoice (itemised by cost centre) supports good accounting practices and simplifies accounting processes when there is a high number of leased assets.