Green Loan

Take out a green loan with us to finance projects reducing environmental impact.

Secure your position in subcontracting chains by complying with sustainability requirements

Large companies require their subcontractors to invest in sustainability and corporate responsibility. They are ready to change suppliers to meet the related obligations.

Prepare to meet stakeholders’ growing expectations by acting responsibly

A project with a green loan has a strong sustainability profile, which you can use in stakeholder communication, employer branding and reputation building.

Designed for SME and housing company investments made to reduce environmental impacts

With our green loan, you can finance various investments reducing environmental impact, such as construction and renovation projects improving energy efficiency, and charging stations for electric cars.

Would you like to discuss your plans before you apply for financing?

Leave a request for contact and we’ll get back to you within a few business days.

What is green Loan?

Green Loan is designed for small and mid-size enterprises and housing companies’ investments aimed at reducing environmental impacts.

  • You can get a green loan if your project fulfils the green financing criteria. These criteria are based on the OP Green Bond Framework.
  • You can use a project with a strong sustainability profile in your stakeholder communication, employer branding and reputation building.
  • You can get a green loan at a lower cost than a regular loan.
  • We’ll ask you to provide annual reports on matters such as electricity consumption, in order to assess the positive environmental impacts of your investment. In addition, we’ll provide you with easy-to-use reporting tools to help with this. 

For what kinds of projects can you get a green loan?

  • construction and renovation projects which improve energy efficiency
  • energy-efficient new construction
  • certified buildings
  • the use of renewable energy sources
  • building infrastructure for low emission transport
  • sustainable use of natural resources, such as organic agriculture and certified aquaculture or fishery. 

Vihreä rahoitus tuo etuja yritykselle

Vihreä rahoitus ja siihen liittyvät kestävät rahoitusratkaisut tarjoavat yrityksille monia hyötyjä. Vihreä yrityslaina edistää kestävää kehitystä, pienentää ympäristövaikutuksia ja tarjoaa taloudellista hyötyä. Lisäksi se voi parantaa yrityksen mainetta ja houkuttelevuutta sekä asiakkaiden että yhteistyökumppaneiden näkökulmasta. OP:n vihreä laina on yritysasiakkaille suunnattu yrityslaina, jolla voimme tukea pk-asiakkaiden ja taloyhtiöiden vastuullisia ilmastotekoja.

Sustainable finance solutions for SMEs

We will finance your company’s sustainable investments. Read more about the options we provide.

EIF guarantee

Serves as collateral for your company’s investments.