A-Insurance services


Learn more about the commercial transport offering of Pohjola Insurance


A-Insurance services is a comprehensive service package for the commercial transport sector. You get the help of the best regional commercial transport experts who know the risks in your field with years of experience. Our special vehicle loss surveyors ensure that you get back on the road quickly after a loss.  

We work closely with different trade associations for commercial transport, so we know the risks and insurance needs in the industry well. Thanks to the cooperation, we know what’s going on in the industry and are able to help our customers prepare for possible changes in their business environment. We offer personalised insurance solutions for your personnel, fleet, property and operations. 

This page contains useful information on insurance policies and the risks involved in operations related to cargo transport and logistics, passenger transport, earth moving, and forest machine and machinery contracting. Learn more below!


The insurer is Pohjola Insurance. The losses will be covered in accordance with the law and the insurance terms and conditions.