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Corporate insurance invoices

This page provides answers to frequently asked questions about corporate insurance invoices. You can also handle corporate insurance invoices in eInsurance Services.

How can I begin using the online service for corporate insurance?

You will gain access to the op.fi service for managing your company’s insurance matters once you have signed an eServices Agreement. You can do this easily online. Please note that the person signing the eServices Agreement must be authorised to sign for the company.

How can I update my company’s address?

The easiest way to report the change of a postal or visiting address is by signing into the op.fi service.

Unfortunately, we do not receive notices of changes to companies’ postal and visiting addresses from the Business Information System or Posti. Corporate customers should inform us when they change addresses.

Someone else’s post has been sent to our address by mistake. What should we do?

If the post is not addressed to you or your company, you can write ‘delivered to the wrong address’ on the envelope and put it in your local postbox. Do not open it.

Posti will deliver the unopened envelope to the correct address or return it to the sender in order to identify the new address.

How can I order e-invoices for my company’s insurance policies?

Send your company’s e-invoice information by email to verkkolasku@pohjola.fi.

Your company’s details will be automatically updated within approximately a week from the notification to show that you have opted for the e-invoice option, so you may receive your latest invoice by post. After this, your invoices will be sent as e-invoices.

What does the invoice look like?

(Invoice example in Finnish only.)

I have an invoice for Pohjola Insurance. Where should I send it?

Where can I get a copy of a lost invoice?

Log into the op.fi service and print out a copy of the invoice from the insurance details or send us a message in the ‘Customer Service’ section. You can also call our Customer Service number: 0303 0303.

How can I get more payment time for my company’s insurance invoice?

Log into the op.fi service and send us a message in the ‘Customer Service’ section before the due date of your invoice. Include in your message the agreement code, invoiced amount and original due date of your insurance as well as the new due date. We will contact you as soon as possible.

What happens if my company is unable to pay the insurance premium?

We will send a payment reminder for an unpaid invoice 14 days after the due date.

When it comes to voluntary insurance policies, we will send a termination notice if the payment reminder has not been paid in time. The notice includes the last date for paying the invoice, after which the unpaid insurance will be terminated. After the insurance has been terminated, we will send the final invoice for the validity period of the insurance.

Statutory insurance policies (occupational accident and occupational disease insurance as well as motor liability insurance) are not terminated when they remain unpaid. Instead, they are transferred to debt collection.

Why does the invoice include penalty interest and reminder charges?

If you paid your company’s previous insurance invoice after the due date, the next invoice will include penalty interest for the period between the due date and the payment date.

Payment reminders also incur charges. If they have not been paid in connection with the invoice, they will be transferred to the next invoice. The invoice states the previous invoice from which the fees were incurred.

What should I do when the invoice has been transferred to a debt collection agency or enforcement?

If your insurance invoice has been transferred for collection with good reason – meaning you did not pay the invoice by the deadline – you can contact the debt collection agency or enforcement office to agree on payment.

Can I pay my insurance premiums in several instalments?

You can pay your company’s insurance premiums in one instalment or divide them into 2, 3, 4, 6 or 12 instalments. If you would like to pay your insurance premiums in 12 instalments, your company must have an e-invoice agreement.

If you want to change the instalment amounts, log into the op.fi service and send a message in the ‘Customer Service’ section prior to the due date of the next invoice. The message should include the insurance contract number as well as the amount you would like to play in each instalment.

Can I pay my company’s insurance premiums using my OP bonus?

OP bonuses are for private customers, so they cannot be used to pay a company’s insurance premiums.

OP bonus is a benefit for the owner-customers of the OP cooperative banks of OP Financial Group. They are gained from using the eligible banking, asset management and/or insurance services.

Do you need more time to pay your insurance bill?

Get in touch with your Pohjola Insurance contact person or message us by logging in to op.fi.

In your message, include the insurance contract code, invoiced amount and original due date and give your suggestion for the new due date.

If I have paid the final invoice of a terminated insurance policy, is the insurance policy valid?

Insurance policies are not automatically reinstated when you pay the final invoice.

Please contact our Customer Service on 0303 0303 or talk to your Pohjola Insurance contact person to ensure that your insurance cover is valid.

Should I pay the previous invoice if I have terminated my company’s insurance policy?

If you have terminated your insurance policy, we will send you a replacement invoice with the updated information. There is no need to pay the previous invoice.

Please note that you cannot terminate an insurance policy over the phone. We always require a written termination notice submitted by a message sent via op.fi or by post.

Which invoice should I pay if I receive several similar invoices for one insurance policy?

If any changes occur in the insurance contract, we will send you an amended invoice.

Changes to insurance contracts may include changes to the coverage, adding a new policy, or changing the amount of instalments.

The amended invoice explains that it replaces an earlier invoice in the same invoicing period. Pay the latest invoice with this information.

Please note that your company may receive several invoices with the same or similar due dates as a result of the change. This is because amended invoices have a new due date, so the invoice for the following invoicing period may be included in the same invoice.

Do I need to pay the EUR 14 motor liability insurance invoice, even though I terminated the policy directly after getting it?

The minimum premium for motor liability insurance is EUR 14. This insurance premium covers costs such as the insurance premium tax, and it is charged for the period of validity of the insurance in every case.

Was the insurance of a sold vehicle not terminated because I still received an invoice for it?

The change of owner was probably not reported to us by Traficom, and the invoice was sent for that reason. Please let us know when you sold the vehicle, and we will verify the sale with Traficom and terminate the insurance policy accordingly, if the matter concerns a registered vehicle. Log into the op.fi service and send us a message in the ‘Customer Service’ section or call our customer service on 0303 0303.

If it is a question of an unregistered vehicle or a working machine, send us a written termination request via the op.fi service or by post.

Do I need to pay the payment reminder even though I paid the original invoice?

It takes a few banking days to register a payment, as a result of which the payment reminder was sent before the payment reached our account.

Check that the payment had the correct reference number and account number.

If you paid the original invoice with the correct information before the reminder was sent, the reminder is invalid.

If the payment was made with an incorrect reference number, it will not be allocated to the correct insurance policy and a payment reminder is sent for the outstanding invoice. If you paid the invoice using a wrong reference and the money has not been returned to your company’s account in a few days, contact our Customer Service on 0303 0303. Have the payment information ready before calling, and we will look into the status of the payment.

An invoice is incorrect or it includes the wrong insurance policy or I have another complaint. What should I do?

Please always get in touch with us if you notice mistakes in your insurance details or invoices.

Log into the op.fi service and send us a message in the ‘Customer Service’ section. Your message should make a reference to the insurance policy and the incorrect information. You can also call our Customer Service number: 0303 0303.

Will I receive a credit note if changes are made to my insurance?

As a rule, we do not send credit notes. Your company will receive an amended or new invoice which will replace the previous invoice. If the invoice replaces a previous invoice, it includes a note of this.

How can I receive the money directly to my account if my company has received a money order?

If we do not have your company’s bank account, we will send a money order for the arriving transfer to the nearest OP cooperative bank branch.

You can tell us your company’s account number by logging into the op.fi service and sending us a message in the ‘Customer Service’ section. You can also call our Customer Service number: 0303 0303.

Once we have received the account information, you will see the payment within approximately a week from the last pick-up date stated on the money order.

My company received a notification of the refund of an insurance premium. Why has the payment not reached my account?

The refund may have been used on an outstanding or new invoice. It may also be that we do not have your company’s account number or that the number we have is incorrect, in which case you will receive a money order for the payment at your nearest OP cooperative bank branch.

If the payment was used on your company’s outstanding invoice, we will send you an itemisation of how the payment was used.

If you would like to get further information about the refund, you can contact us by logging into the op.fi service and sending us a message in the ‘Customer Service’ section. You can also call our Customer Service number: 0303 0303.

Why did I get a new invoice, part of which is shown as paid?

If an invoice has not been paid by the due date and you have paid too much on another insurance premium, we will transfer the extra payment to an outstanding invoice. Another option is that compensation has been paid for a loss suffered by your company, which has been transferred to an outstanding invoice.

If money from another insurance policy or compensation has been offset against an invoice, we will send a new invoice showing the transferred amount as a partial payment. We will also send a separate itemisation stating the transferred amount and the invoice to which it was allocated.