Equity investment

Equities are the most profitable investments in the long term and an excellent way to make your company's cash in hand yield profit. The return of equities consists of capital appreciation and dividends. If you are ready to take higher risks in investment, you can expect a higher return on your equity investments.

Your company can trade in Finnish and foreign equity markets on our OP eServices with ease. In support of trading, you have access to our award-winning OP equity research whose recommendations you can use to help you when considering a purchase decision.

In addition to equities, you should learn more about our extensive range of EFTs and ETCs. These exchange-traded funds and commodities offers your company investment vehicles on a global basis.

Whom equity investment suits and what does it require?

Investing in equities requires above all an active approach of your company. It is important that your company has time and willingness to choose individual investees itself. It pays to make active efforts to diversify and manage investments with a view to seeking high returns.

What do you need to enable you company to start investing in equities?

To start investing in equities, you will need to open a book-entry account as well as securities custody and bank account, and sign the OP Savings and Investments Agreement. If your company has not yet signed the OP Savings and Investments Agreement, please contact your nearest OP cooperative bank. See detailed instructions on investing a company’s funds here.

You can also transfer custody from another bank to an OP cooperative bank. Ask your current stockbroker for share purchase prices before any transfer and provide them to your OP cooperative bank and we will update them onto our system. During the custody transfer, trading in the securities in custody will be subject to a break of five weekdays.

As a saver client, your company trade in equities occasionally and favours lower-risk investments. In such a case, OP's eServices is your company's key investment channel. There you can conveniently track your investments.
As an investor client, you trade in equities relatively actively and expect some adaptability from investment instruments. Your company can easily track its investments on OP eServices.

Stock investment services are provided by OP cooperative bank.