Account reporting

To keep your business up to date, opt for our comprehensive and versatile account information services enabling you to monitor and analyse your company's cash transactions.

Your company will have access to bank statement, reference transactions list and account queries.

  • A bank statement is a source document for your company's bookkeeping and enables you to see all transactions on the account and its balance.
  • You can generate a list of transactions containing a reference paid to your account and match them automatically.
  • You can make queries of all transactions on your company's account and its balance information.
  • After transactions have been entered on your company's account, they will be included on an electronic bank statement which you can retrieve on the next banking day by 7.00 am (Online balance statements in PDF format by 9.00 am). A bank statement contains transactions paid to, and charged from, your account as well as the account's balance information.
  • You can order new bank statements, edit the existing orders for bank statements and order bank statements on a one-time order basis on the op.fi service for corporate customers.
  • After transactions have been entered on your company's account, you can retrieve an electronic reference transactions list on the next banking day by 7.00 am. A reference transactions list displays the reference transactions paid on your company's account, sorted by reference number and in ascending order. The list sorted by payment transaction also includes the payment date, filing number, amount and name of payer of each reference transaction. You can automatically forward the reference transactions list to your company's accounts receivable ledger.
  • With account queries, you can electronically request the real-time balance information or transactions of your company's accounts 24/7. Your query can concern, for example, a balance, transaction, all transactions or a balance summary of euro accounts, currency accounts and group accounts.

The service notice gives you updated information about the generation of bank statements and reference lists.

Through the WS channel, you can send and receive your company's payment data between your bank and your own software.

If you generate your payment data from a financial administration system, we recommend you visit the following page where we have assembled all the necessary documents and instructions.

The account is provided by OP cooperative bank.