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Bank connection authorisation

Take care of the authorisation of your company’s machine-readable payment transfers easily

Give an authorisation online

  • You can give an authorisation online when

    • The authorised signatories’ details are in the register of the Finnish Patent and Registration Office.
    • KYC information has been checked and updated during the last 12 months.
    • The administrator is Fennoa, Visma Solutions (Netvisor), Accountor Finago (Procountor) or Talenom.

  • Open a bank connection to selected services

    A bank connection will be opened between the company’s accounts and the administrator in respect of the selected services. If the principal company does not yet have access to the services, we will provide the company with access to them. At the same time, you can use the same power of attorney to remove access rights from the previous administrators.

  • Sign the authorisation on the Electronic Signature Service

    Details of a company’s or entity’s authorised signatories will be retrieved from the Finnish Patent and Registration Office’s registers. We will inform the authorised signatories you have selected by email that a document is waiting for their approval on OP’s Electronic Signature Service.


Do you represent the principal company or entity yourself?


Give an authorisation


Do you fill in the authorisation form on behalf of another company or entity?


Fill in an authorisation

Can’t you give an authorisation online?

Download a bank connection authorisation form and fill in the details of the principal company and the administrator and the desired payment services. Carefully fill in all the necessary sections for the services you wish to use.

Sign the bank connection authorisation. The signature must be provided by a person authorised to sign for the company. The signature must also be provided in print/block letters. The signature must be made manually or on the Electronic Signature Service that uses strong electronic identification.

Send the bank connection authorisation by email to the address For sending encrypted email, use OP’s Securemail services at

Download bank connection authorisation form (docx)


Is your company’s information up to date?

The authorisation enters into force provided that the company’s KYC information has been updated within the past 12 months. In addition, if your company is liable to pay taxes abroad, the company must submit a tax residency self-certification.

Check and update your company’s customer information ›

Read more about tax residency self-certification ›


Easier payment transfers for your company

The bank connection authorisation form is a power of attorney through which a company or entity can authorise the administrator to take care of machine-readable payment transfers on the company’s behalf through the Web Services channel. The administrator can be an accounting firm or software provider, for instance.

We aim to process your authorisation as soon as possible or by the requested date, however, this will be at the earliest within one week from receiving the authorisation provided that all the required information is up to date. You will receive a confirmation when the authorisation has been processed.


Mandating a service provider through OP Corporate Banking APIs

A company or institution can also authorise their service provider to manage the company or institution’s machine-readable payment transfers through OP Corporate Banking APIs. The service provider can be an accounting firm or software supplier, for instance. The service provider mandate is given when concluding a new API agreement on the OP API Admin pages, and the mandate can be given to a service provider registered on the OP API Admin pages.

You can enhance your company’s operations and easily build a real-time connection to your bank by using OP Corporate Banking APIs. The interfaces can be used to fully automate both payment transfers and transaction queries, thereby speeding up your company’s processes related to payments and monitoring of accounts receivable. OP Corporate Banking APIs can also be easily integrated for purposes beyond financial management.