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Online store payment methods

Find a selection of payment methods that best suits your online store from various payment services.

A payment method popular among customers

The OP Online Payment service is a convenient way of collecting online payments. Every person and company that uses OP’s online banking services can make payments through it.

In addition to credit transfers, merchants can offer other payment methods, such as purchase financing. By signing the OP Lasku (Buy now, pay later) financing agreement, merchants can provide flexible purchasing to customers with bills and instalments.

Which payment methods should be offered on your online store?

The following should be taken into consideration when selecting payment methods for your online store:

What kind of payment options does your customer prefer?
Finnish customers often prefer online payment methods, while international customers typically prefer card payments. A suitable selection of payment methods increases the reliability of the online store: payment methods that are well-reputed and popular among customers have a direct effect on sales.

What kind of products or services do you sell, are refunds common?
Customers prefer to pay small purchases directly from an account, while the option to pay later or through instalments is preferred with larger purchases. We also recommend you to consider the types of refund solutions provided by services.

How and how often do you want money to be credited to your company’s account?
With online bank payments, individual payments will be transferred directly to your account, which will also make it easier to monitor payment transactions. Payment service providers usually transfer payments to your account on a net basis in the agreed time cycle.

Are the sales of your online store steady or are they seasonal?
Pay only for what you need. Before selecting a service, it is a good idea to check whether the costs are transaction-specific or if there are other fixed charges related to the service, such as monthly charges.
How has your online store been implemented from a technical standpoint?
Online store platforms include ready-made extensions for various payment service provider services, which makes implementation easier. In this case, the service providers’ selection of payment methods may not match your exact needs. By adding payment methods yourself or with the help of a technical partner, you can customise a selection of payment methods that best suits your online store.