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New business package

A corporate bank account and savings under the mandatory insurance policy for companies – we put everything relevant in one package to give you an easy start.

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  1. Focus on the essence

    Enjoy loyalty benefits. The New business package contains all the services you need and allows you to focus on running your business.

  2. Start with low cost

    You will get the necessary banking services at a price starting from 7.90 euros a month and discounts on key insurance policies.

  3. OP expert support

    If required, our experts will also help you with your company's financing and insurance.

The New business package includes the following:

  • A corporate account, eServices and OP Business mobile

  • An OP-Visa Business Card (debit)

  • Agreements for receiving and sending e-invoices

  • Discounts on key entrepreneur insurance policies

We offer you a carefully thought-out package of banking services for new businesses for the first 12 months for just 7.90 euros a month.

*The special price of 7.90 euros a month + 24% VAT applied on taxable items is valid for the first 12 months, and after that according to the price list. Transaction charges are added based on use.

OP customer, starting as a sole trader

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Other types of business organisations and other than OP customers

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Save real money from your company’s mandatory insurance and most important insurance policies

The New business package includes discounts on insurance policies for new companies. If your company was established less than 12 months ago, it will be entitled to the following insurance benefits:

  • Benefit on Self-employed persons' pension insurance: Self-employed persons' own pension insurance premium for 48 months – 22% off
  • Business liability and property insurance package Special Corporate Insurance – 30% off
  • Insurance for business interruption due to disability free of charge for a year (maximum compensation 10,000 euros a year, qualifying period 3 days, for up to 4 owner-managers)
  • Life Insurance for 24 months – 50% off (sum insured max. EUR 30,000 per insured person, for up to 4 owner-managers)

What is the mandatory insurance policy for entrepreneurs all about?

An entrepreneur must buy a Self-employed persons’ pension insurance, that is, a YEL insurance, when the entrepreneur’s earnings exceed the annual income limit. For example, the income limit in question was 7656.26 euros in 2018. You must buy the YEL insurance within six months of starting your business. Read more about the YEL insurance and its terms and conditions (in Finnish).

The banking services are provided by Group member banks and OP Corporate Bank plc. Non-life insurance is granted by OP Insurance. Life insurance is granted by OP Life Assurance Company. Earnings-related pensions are granted by Ilmarinen.